I assume you use the coffee brewing machine from Mr. Coffee. Well, they have many variants and models of their brewing machines. Some of them can delay the brew and set the time to brew coffee. If you have one of these at home and don’t know how to set delay brew on Mr. Coffee’s brewing machine then you are at the right place.

First, ensure that the clock in the machine is set to the correct time. After plugging in the digital clock will show 12:00. Change the time you want it to brew coffee by clicking the hour button and minute button. Then to set the delay you just press the “set delay’ button. After pressing it the display will go back to the regular clock showing the regular time. The final step is to press the select/off button once or twice depending on the model to initiate the delay brew function. Remember to put water, coffee grounds etc inside the machine.

Best Reasons to Delay-Brew

Delaying brew is not just a feature for some people, it is a lifestyle upgrade. You can wake up to the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Imagine having a fresh aroma of coffee without even stepping out of the bed. Delaying brew lets you program the machine to start brewing at your preferred time. It eliminates all the risk of burnt coffee or cold coffee. However, remember that the coffee remains warm in the machine for 2 hours of the brewing time. So, you can say farewell to your unexpected coffee brewing mishaps.

The mechanics of the delay brew feature lets you have the perfect coffee every time. How cool is that? You won’t even have to worry about it. The most precious advantage is it knows your time of the day when you need coffee.  For me it relieved me from a burden, whenever I needed coffee, it was already there.

How to set delay Brew on Mr. Coffee

How to set delay Brew on Mr. Coffee

Setting the Coffee Maker’s Clock: The first step is to set up the clock on your Mr. Coffee machine. Precision starts with accurate time. Setting the clock is similar to setting the stage for a perfect coffee, it is a step to put everything in place. The reason is the coffee maker runs on its built-in clock, if the built-in clock shows a different time than your regular clock then the brewing time will also be changed. That’s why set the clock time of the maker first, then move on to the delay brew time.

Set the time to brew the coffee: This is the biggest advantage for many people. Some machines offer a 12-hour delay in brewing time, and some offer a 24-hour delay in brewing time. Set the time by pressing the hour and minute buttons until the display shows the time of your brewing time.

Then press the “set delay” option: After setting the time to brew your coffee, on the other side of the display, there is a “select/on” button. Above this button, you’ll see three lights with different options. One of those three options says “set delay”, that’s what you have to flash. Press the “select/on” button one or two times to flash the option that says “set delay”.

Then, add water and coffee grounds to the machine: Now, that you have set up the time and delay for the coffee brew, you’ll have to have the water and grounds inside the machine. Well, you can put the ingredients before or after the time setting. But the ingredients have to be in the machine before the brewing time.

One interesting fact is that you can also set the amount of coffee you want to delay brew. So, you can provide coffee for everyone in the family with the perfect amount every time.

Tips for Setting Up and Using Delay Brew

    1. Never underestimate the importance of assembling the components correctly. Once the assembling isn’t done in the right way, functions will not work. The coffee maker itself may not activate.
    2. Experiment and find out the optimal amount of coffee needed for you, so that you can get the perfect cup every time.
    3. Regular cleaning and maintaining the coffee maker is undeniable for the best performance. You need to keep it clean, if you don’t want an unwanted odor.

Cleaning process:

The coffee maker can become clogged due to grounds building up from repetitive use of the maker. So start by emptying the coffee grounds, and washing it with clean water properly. You can use lemon for the best cleaning experience. Soap detergent is also a popular option to clean it, but sometimes it gives an unusual odor if the soap detergent is of lower quality. Moreover, check for any blockages in filter baskets periodically. Search other places too, blockages may build up anywhere. 

Mr. Coffee brewing machine delay-brew not working

Most people face this issue of their Mr. Coffee brewing machines feature delay-brew isn’t working. Many have said that it goes to the cleaning feature whenever they press and select the delay brew option. So if you are someone who finds out that Mr. coffee machine is not brewing then you might want this solution.

However, the most common reason for this is the brewing time not being set. This happens because of unexpected electricity gaps, and unexpected power cuts. Then the time gets reset, so you have to reset the time and also reset the brewing time. Then select delay brew. Your problem will be solved.

Mr. Coffee Models with Delay Brew Feature

Coffee brewing machine

12-cup programmable coffee maker: There is a flagship model that lets you use the delay feature 24 hours a day. Some model provides a 12-hour timer. It has an extra feature of filtering the water, and auto shut off that provides more control on your maker.

10-cup Optimal Brew Thermal System: This model provides superior control over the temperature and has better extraction power. It ensures your coffee is brewed perfectly. However, this machine has consistently ranked as one of the top-rated coffee makers in industry reviews. So, other people also feel like this one’s really good. Fun fact this maker shuts off automatically after 2 hours to prevent it from scorching. Finally, it is a 24-hour programmable coffee maker.

4-cup switch Coffee Maker: This is the best model for small households and those who prefer brewing in small batches. So, if there are not too many people in your house, then this one is gonna give you more value. I use this brewing machine, and it changed my morning routine ever since in a positive way. Fun fact is it has all the features of the other alternatives and yet it is less expensive than other ones.

Alternatives to Mr. Coffee Machines with Delay Brew

Coffee machine

Single-serve machines

This machine has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents from unexpected burn of the coffee. This machine has a built-in timer that helps the automatic shut off. However, it gives the pride time and amount of coffee that you want. Many models from the single-serve machine come with built-in permanent filters too, so no need for disposable paper filters.

Manual Pour over Brewers

These brewing machines are liked by some people and disliked by others too. You won’t have to into all the hassle of setting & programming the brewing machine. All you have to do is set up the machine & put the coffee beans in the filter basket before bed. In the morning pour over the hot water and enjoy shortly after.


You may have a lot of questions on your mind about the delayed brew of Mr. Coffee’s brewing machine. The steps are simple, and you can master it easily. We have covered the question of how to set delay brew on Mr Coffee from the inside out from real-life experience. 


Q1: How long can I delay brewing my coffee?

The delay brew time varies between Mr Coffee’s models. Some offer a 12-hour delay, while others provide a 24-hour delay.

Q3: Can I set the amount of coffee to delay-brew?

Yes, many Mr. Coffee models allow you to set the amount of coffee for delayed brewing. This feature ensures you have the perfect amount for your needs, whether it’s a single cup or a full pot.

Q5: How do I troubleshoot common issues with the delay brew feature?

If you encounter issues with the delay brew function, ensure all settings are entered accurately. Restart the machine if needed, and if problems persist, contact customer service. Check for blockages and maintain regular cleaning for optimal performance.

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