Blonde roast coffee beans are the lightest roast coffee beans. These beans go through a process designed to preserve the bean’s original flavour. In this process, beans preserve their light golden appearance which makes them more appealing.

Colombian Supremo is one of the best blonde roast coffee beans available in the world. However, there are other options such as the Hawaiian Kona which can be another great option. Blonde roast coffee beans don’t spend much time in the roasting department. They stay there for very little time just to make them convenient for use. This helps to preserve their flavour, aroma and characteristics.

Why Choose Blond Roast Coffee Beans over Other Coffee Beans?

There are many things that blonde roast coffee beans offer on the table that other beans don’t. However, it is extremely recommended that beginners should not start their coffee adventure with blond roast coffee beans. They are probably not the best for beginners.

Why Choose Blond Roast Coffee Beans Over Other Coffee Beans

Mild Flavour Profile: 

Blond roast is renowned for its gentle taste. Imagine having a cup of coffee with mild sweetness and floral notes. It also balances the fruity flavour to make it an invitation to have a taste of the unknown.

Bright acidity

Blond roast beans are highly acidic and this is what sets it apart from other beans. This makes it ideal to make a cup of coffee that will awaken your senses. However, these beans bring a lively flavour to the coffee. You can feel that the coffee is too fresh, almost like it’s just roasted.

Subtle complexity

Blond roast coffee beans may not have a very appealing exterior design, but it’s the opposite on the inside. It has very complex flavours, making it a constant exploration for coffee lovers. There are some basic differences between blonde roast beans and other type of beans. Here are some basic differences.

Characteristics  Blonde roast  Medium roast  Dark roast
Roast level light Medium dark
Roasting time short moderate   long
Bean color Light brown Medium brown Dark brown to black
Flavour profile Mild & subtle Balanced and nuanced Bold and smokey
Caffeine content Relatively higher moderate Relatively lower
Origin preserved Yes Yes Partially
Brewing methods Drip, Pour-over Various Espresso. Frech

3 things to Consider Before Buying the Blonde Roast Coffee Beans

1. Origin

The origin of the beans is a high-priority information to look at. Each region has its taste, flavours, best roasting method and brewing method.  For example, Ethiopian beans deliver a burst of fruity notes, while beans from Central America offer a more balanced sweetness. Always know the origins of the beans, and where they came from.

2. Freshness

Beans have to be fresh, by fresh we mean roasted as recently as possible. The ideal time to buy beans is within 2 to 4 weeks of roasting. After this time beans start to lose their originality, flavour and richness.

3. Packaging

You should also pay attention to packaging too. Try to buy bags that are resalable and that have one-way valves. Bags with one-way valves maintain the freshness by letting the gas escape without the air to get in. Try to avoid transparent bags, transparent bags expose beans to light. Light reduces the quality of the beans.  Now you know about blond coffee beans more than 95% of people on this planet. You can work as a coffee expert and consultant to make money, Just kidding. We have our recommendations for some coffee beans that might be of your choice.

3 things to Consider Before Buying the Blonde Roast Coffee Beans

Our Top 4 Recommendations

1. Single-origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

These beans are originally from Ethiopia and they offer a bright burst of acidity. The beans have a fruity flavour with delicate floral notes. These beans are known for their vibrant colour and lively flavour. This might be the best blond coffee beans for classic choice people.

2. Colombian Supremo

These are originally from Columbia and have a well-balanced acidity. The Colombian supremo presents a mild flavour but it is consistent in its flavour. This is the best choice for people who like consistency in their cup of coffee.

3. Hawaiian Kona

These beans are originally from Hawaii and are renowned for their silky smooth texture. It is a treat that shows the uniqueness of the Hawaiian islands with a subtle sweetness.

4. Costa Rican Tarrazu

These beans are renowned for their bright acidity and citrus notes flavour. It is an excellent choice for people who love a lively coffee experience. We also have some recommendations for coffee brands that you can find near you. You can try these to learn about the taste of blond roast coffee beans. It will help you to decide whether you should go all in with blonde roast coffee beans or not.

Different Roasted Coffees Available

Different Roasted Coffees Available

1. Starbucks Blonde Roast: 

Starbucks offers many blonde roast options, such as “Veranda Blend” and “Blonde Espresso”. These are known for their mild flavour profiles.

2. Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo

This is renowned for its bright acidity mixed with hints of citrus and brown sugar. It is a balanced smooth blonde roast coffee.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee “ Giant Steps” 

This one is a single-origin roast from Ethiopia which is renowned for its vibrant and fruity flavours.

4. Stumptown coffee roasters “Hair Bender”

This is a blonde roast variation known for its bright and sweet flavours. You can try it, it tastes good.

5. Verve coffee roasters “Street level”

It is a coffee filled with milk chocolate and notes of orange. This coffee is mostly known for its gentle acidity and unique fruity flavour. Try it if you want to have a new taste in coffee. Here are some brewing tips that will make your blonde roast coffee out of this world. Try these at home to have the best coffee with the best blonde roast coffee beans.

3 Things to Watch out Before Buying Coffee Beans

#1. Grind 

Your goal should be to have a medium coarse grind. The valance will ensure an even extraction, which will help the complex flavours to shine.

3 Things to Watch out Before Buying Coffee Beans

#2. Brewing methods

Experiment with different methods to find the best one suitable for you. Try the drip coffee makers, the pour-over method, or the classic French press method My recommendation would be to go for the pour-over method to get the best out of blonde roast beans.

#3. Water temperature

Keep the water temperature between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit to have the best coffee.


There are many types of coffee beans in the coffee world. If you are just entering this world I will suggest you go through other blogs to ensure that you know everything about coffee beans. There are so many options for different roasted coffee beans, that it is too tough to select one single best. However, if you have gone through the blog you have the idea of which one will be the best blonde roast coffee beans for you.


Q1. Which are the best blonde roast coffee beans?

There are many blonde roast coffee beans. However, for me, Colombian supremo is the best blonde roast coffee bean.

Q2. Why is blond roast different from other types of roasted beans?

Blonde roast coffee beans are a type of light roast beans with a shorter time to roast. It is milder and has brighter acidity compared to medium and dark roasted beans.

Q3. Are there any health benefits of blonde roast coffee beans?

Coffee as a whole contains caffeine, which results in alertness and improved cognitive function. Blonde coffee beans contain caffeine which results in alertness too.

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