Grind your dark-roasted coffee beans in a fine consistency. Add coffee grounds and water to a preheated coffee maker. Take 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 60 mL water. Then brew it for 1 to 2 minutes with a 25 to 30-second pause. Serve and enjoy the Espresso-like coffee. 

Here, you will find whether it is feasible to use a regular coffee maker for espresso. Then we have mentioned a quick process of grinding coffee beans for Espresso. You will also find a simple homemade Espresso recipe using a drip coffee maker. We have also mentioned other best coffee maker options for Espresso-like coffee and presented the recipe for Espresso using popular coffee makers.

Can You Make Espresso With A Drip Coffee Maker (Feasibility Of Using A Regular Coffee Maker For Espresso)

You may know that Espresso has a different quality and texture. We generally use it as a base for other coffee. But when making it at home, you need an Espresso machine. Many of us might not have an Espresso machine but a regular coffee maker. Can you make Espresso with a drip coffee maker? 

Well, it is possible to make Espresso with a drip coffee maker. But you will not get the exact taste and texture of using an Espresso machine. So, regular coffee makers are not really feasible for making Espresso. Let’s go through some key reasons why regular coffee makers or drip coffee makers are not perfect for Espresso. 

4 Reasons Why Regular Coffee Makers Are Not for Espresso 

Why Regular Coffee Makers Are Not for Espresso 

Pressure Difference: Normally Espresso machines use high pressure which allows the hot water to go through the coffee grounds. It brings out the essence of coffee and makes the Espresso bold. Usually, the pressure is about 9 bars or higher. But in the case of regular coffee makers or drip coffee makers, the pressure range is about 1 to 2 bars. So, these coffee makers can not extract the flavor as an Espresso machine does.

Brewing Time: The brewing time for Espresso in an Espresso machine is 25 to 30 seconds. You can guess how quickly it works. But the regular coffee makers take a longer time to brew. This long period of brewing also affects the taste and flavor of the Espresso.

Size of Grinding: Normally regular coffee makers or even drip coffee makers use coarsely ground beans. It is a medium-sized grinding like breadcrumbs. But Espresso needs fine grinding which is like a powder consistency. It allows the Espresso to be rich and bold. So, this grinding size makes a difference in taste.

Formation of Crema: You might have noticed a golden brown foamy thing on top of the Espresso. This foamy or frothy layer of Espresso is called Crema. It makes the Espresso more inviting. This layer is formed for high pressure. But in drip coffee makers or any regular coffee makers, this layer of crema is absent.

So, it is not that feasible to use any coffee maker for Espresso. These coffee makers can not brew authentic Espresso. But in the absence of an Espresso machine, you can use your regular coffee maker to get a cup of Espresso-like coffee.

How To Grind Coffee Beans For Espresso?

How To Grind Coffee Beans For Espresso

Before knowing, “How to brew Espresso with a coffee maker?”, you should focus on grinding the beans perfectly. This is the first step of making a cup of Espresso.  Here we are providing an easy and simple process of grinding the coffee beans. You will need a coffee grinder for this process. You will find many types of grinders in the stores like;

  • Blade grinder, 
  • Burr grinder, 
  • Manual grinder, 
  • Electric grinder etc.

For Espresso, we suggest you to pick the burr grinder.

Steps to Follow 

  1. To prepare Espresso or Espresso-like coffee, take fresh and aromatic coffee beans.
  2. Take any Burr grinder and set the grinding size as “Very fine”. It means you need to finely ground coffee beans for Espresso. 
  3. Take 18 to 20 grams of coffee beans and put it in the grinder. Then start the grinder and wait till you get the finely ground coffee. 
  4. For best results, use these coffee grounds immediately. It will give you an aromatic and fresh vibe.

Easy Homemade Espresso Recipe For Expresso In A Drip Coffee Maker

Do you know how to brew Espresso with a coffee maker? Let’s find out the recipe for Espresso in a drip coffee maker, as it is the most common type of coffee maker available in our houses.


Easy Homemade Espresso Recipe

Steps To Follow Roasting and Grinding 

Take nice and fresh high-quality beans for your Espresso-like coffee. As Espresso has a strong flavor, to bring that flavor dark roast the coffee. Then grind it finely as we have mentioned earlier. Use our suggested grinder (Burr grinder) for best results. 


Normally the Espresso comes as 1 or 2 shots which means 30 mL or 60 mL of Espresso. For every 60 mL espresso, take 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of coffee. It will be around 18 to 20 grams of coffee.

Preheating the Machine and Adding Coffee 

Preheat the drip coffee maker and add the finely ground coffee to the filter basket of the coffee maker.


Start brewing your coffee in your drip coffee maker. It will allow hot water to go through the filter. But brew it for 25 to 30 seconds. Then stop brewing. After some seconds like 20 to 25 seconds again start brewing. Brew in this process to get most of your coffee extracts. 

Serve and Enjoy 

After 1 to 2 minutes approximately, stop the coffee maker and pour the Espresso-like coffee into a cup. This is how you can easily make Espresso without using an Espresso machine. 

Our Suggestions Of Best Coffee Makers For Espresso like Coffee

We have already discussed how to brew Espresso with a coffee maker (drip coffee maker; the common category). Suppose you do not have a drip coffee maker. How will you get the Espresso-like coffee? Here, we are suggesting some coffee makers that can provide you with a similar taste to Espresso. 

Coffee Makers For Espresso-like Coffee  Brief Descriptions
Breville Barista Express The Breville Barista Express is one kind of semi-automatic machine for Espresso. You can find a built-in grinder in this machine. So, you do need not to use a grinder separately.
Aeropress Aeropress is not an Espresso machine but it can create strong and Espresso-like coffee.
Nespresso Machine These machines can also provide you with an Espresso-like experience. The Nespresso machines have many models available. 
Moka Pot (Stovetop Espresso Maker) This is one kind of stovetop device. It can brew strong coffee which is similar to Espresso. 
Keurig K-Cafe The Keurig K-Cafe has an option like “shot”. It makes strong coffee similar to Espresso. 
De’Longhi EC155 This is actually an Espresso machine for beginners. You can get Espresso at a reasonable price with this coffee maker.

Espresso Brewing Methods Of Most Popular Coffee Makers

Popular Coffee Makers

Recipe For Espresso In Breville Barista Express

You know how to brew Espresso with a coffee maker like Drip coffee maker. Let’s check out the quick recipe for Espresso or Espresso-like coffee while using Breville Barista Express. It is one of the most famous coffee makers. As it has a built-in grinder, this process does not require the grinding process separately. 

Steps To Follow 

  1. Turn on the Breville Barista Express and let it warm up to an optimum temperature. 
  2. You will find a water tank in the machine. Fill the tank with water.
  3. Set the grinding size of the machine as a fine grind. 
  4. Put around 18 to 20 grams of coffee in the portafilter basket and grind the coffee.
  5. After grinding, push the coffee grounds and make it even. There will be a group head of the machine. Put the portafilter into the group head of the machine. Here the extraction process will take place.
  6. Select the button of single shot or double shot as you want. Thus the extraction will start. It will take approximately 25 to 30 seconds. 
  7. Observe how your coffee is prepared. When done, pour it into a cup and enjoy immediately. 

Recipe For Espresso In Aeropress 

If you are trying Aeropress for brewing Espresso, here’s a simple recipe for you. It is easy to use and can provide you with an Espresso-like coffee experience. 

Steps To Follow 

  1. Take 18 to 20 grams of coffee as always and grind it in a fine consistency. 
  2. You have to assemble the Aeropress. You might find some components like;
  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Filter Cap
  • Paddle
  • Scoop
  • Funnel

For Espresso, use the inverted method in assembling. Insert the plunger at the bottom and place it upside down. Attach the filter cap with filter paper.

  1. After assembling, preheat the Aeropress and put coffee grounds in it. 
  2. Pour hot water over the coffee grounds you have placed. Stir the coffee and water mixture well.
  3. After brewing, carefully flip the machine. Then slowly push the plunger down. It might take around 25 to 30 seconds. Then pour it into a cup and enjoy.

Recipe For Espresso In Nespresso Machine 

You know how to brew Espresso with a coffee maker. What is different with Nespresso machines? Well, this Nespresso Machine uses a Nespresso pod or Nespresso capsule. It is a small container-type thing that holds the ground coffee.

Steps To Follow 

  1. Turn the Nespresso machine on and preheat it.
  2. Insert the Nespresso pod filled with coffee grounds. 
  3. Adjust the settings for Espresso brewing. Place a cup under the pouring place.
  4. Press the start button and wait for extraction. Then the machine will do all its work and pour the Espresso-like coffee into your cup. 

Recipe For Espresso In Moka Pot 

Let’s discuss the process of using a Moka pot for brewing espresso. This is quite simple and similar to other coffee makers.

Steps To Follow 

  1. Grind your coffee beans about 18 to 20 grams as usual. You will find a chamber at the bottom of the Moka Pot. Fill that with cold water (not exceeding the valve).
  2. Add coffee grounds to the filter basket. Assemble the top and bottom chambers of the Moka pot securely.
  3. Then place it over the stovetop. Keep the heat to a medium level. 
  4. Monitor the Moka pot. When you see the coffee coming up in the spout or the narrow opening, the brewing is complete. 
  5. Pour the extracted Espresso into a cup and enjoy. 

Summary Of The Recipe Of Espresso With A Coffee Maker (Drip coffee maker)

Grind your dark-roasted coffee beans in a fine consistency. Add coffee grounds and water to a preheated coffee maker. Take 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 60 mL water. Then brew it for 1 to 2 minutes with a 25 to 30-second pause. Serve and enjoy the Espresso-like coffee.


To sum up, we can say that Espresso is a different type of strong and bold coffee. It needs an Espresso machine to brew perfectly. Using any coffee maker will not give you the perfect taste. Still, if you want to use your coffee maker for Espresso-like coffee, you can follow our recipes.  We have mentioned different options of coffee makers and described how to brew Espresso with a coffee maker. It will help you make Espresso easily. For any related information you can check our website Coffee Mart Blog anytime.

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