Are you a perfectionist? If you have the tendency to do everything perfectly and are currently dealing with coffee making, you must be concerned about making it perfect. You can gain perfection by measuring and weighing your components precisely. So, how can you ensure the precise measurements? Well, you can use a tool called the coffee scale. By using a scale you can ensure precision in every cup.

Szo, a coffee scale is an important tool for measuring the elements of your coffee. There are many types of coffee scales available. Which coffee scale is the best, depends on its features and functionalities. You can choose a scale from varieties like Scales with built-in timers, Smart or Digital scales, Waterproof scales, Travel scales etc. How do these scales benefit you and what are the features and functions? Let’s find out in detail.

What is a Coffee Scale and What Does It Do? 

You already know, a coffee scale is a measuring tool for coffee’s ingredients. You can use it to accurately weigh coffee grounds and water along with its proportions. This will help you achieve perfect balance and consistency in your coffee. To find out the best coffee scale, first, you need to know what it actually does.

What Is A Coffee Scale And What Does It Do


Go through the following points to know the functionalities of a scale.

Measures Coffee Grounds

A coffee scale or Espresso scale can measure coffee grounds precisely. You can accurately weigh the coffee grounds while making coffee. So, this will make sure every time your taken amount is consistent and perfect. If you are a professional, it is a huge relief for you as you can ensure the same consistent taste every time.

Ensures Perfect Brew Ratios

As any digital scale for coffee will weigh both the beans and water, the ratio of beans to water will remain consistent. For any brewing method, the ratio will be perfect every time. So, you need not worry about proper extraction and taste.

Provides Consistency

As a coffee scale will ensure consistency, you can get the same taste and strength in each brew. This process of making coffee by measuring will eliminate the possibility of taste differences. So, you don’t have to say, “Today is a bad coffee day” anymore!


Many coffee scales have built-in timers. For a specific brewing method called “pour-over”, these coffee scales are the best scale for pour-over coffee. Now what’s the use of it? For pour-over coffee, the exact timing of pouring hot water over coffee is essential to maintain. If you pour too early or late, you won’t get the exact taste of the coffee. So, the timer of the coffee scale assists in getting the pour at the right moment.

Improves Taste

By using the best digital scale for coffee, you can ensure consistency, timing, precision and even perfect taste. So, it will be easy to achieve perfect taste every time and enhance the overall quality of your coffee.

Different Types of Coffee Scales 

To find out the best coffee scale, you should explore different types of scales first. Let’s illustrate different types of scales including the best espresso scale, best pour-over coffee scale, best digital scale for coffee etc.

Different Types of Coffee Scales 

Types of Coffee Scales Names of Coffee Scales Description 
Digital Scale  Acacia Pearl  It is also designed for pour-over brewing, It measures weight and has a timer in it.                          
Hario V60 Drip Scale                           It is also designed for pour over brewing, It measures weight and has a timer in it.                          
Smart Scale  Acaia Lunar  This one is the best espresso scale, It offers high accuracy, water resistance, Syncing with a mobile app is also possible.
Brewista Smart Scale II  It combines a minimalist design with water resistance, It provides accuracy, and has a built-in timer, You can use it to pour over coffee too.
Waterproof Scale  It is also designed for pour-over brewing, It measures weight and has a timer in it.                           It combines a minimalist design with water resistance, It provides accuracy, and has a built-in timer, You can use it to pour over coffee too.
Acaia Lunar  It is also known as a waterproof scale.
Barista Scale Felica Digital Coffee Scale It is another espresso scale, This scale is famous for its precision and durability.
Brewista Smart Scale II It is a Barista scale too.
Travel Scale  Time more Chestnut Nano It is a famous travel scale, It is designed for on-the-go brewing, It does not compromise on accuracy.
Budget-Friendly Scale  Escali Pico Precision Scale This scale has a basic weight measurement option, It does not include extra features, It is a great choice for those who have a limited budget.
Hario V60 Drip Scale This is also a budget-friendly option.
Multifunctional Scale  BONAVITA BV02001MU It has a built-in timer, pre-set functions, and the ability to measure, It can measure in two ways (grams and ounces),It also includes a rechargeable battery. 
Professional Scale  Acacia Pearl Model S This is an upgraded version of the Acacia Pearl, It offers improved water resistance, added brewing modes, You can experience better connectivity options too.

How Does A Coffee Scale Work? 

Now you know about the best coffee scale according to different categories. Let’s clarify how it works. Here is a simple breakdown of works of a typical coffee scale.

How Does A Coffee Scale Work 

Load Cell Sensor

Any coffee scale you use will have a main part which is called a “Load cell sensor”. It is like a sensitive pad or screen. When you put the ingredients of your coffee on it, the sensor feels the weight.

Change to Electrical Signal

When the sensor feels the weight, it creates a small electric signal. The scale’s inner workings make this signal clear and strong. Then this signal is turned into a digital format.


There is a screen in the scale which shows the digital format of the electric signal. It means some numbers that indicate the weight.

Tare Function

What is a Tare function? Watch your preferred coffee scale well. It will have a reset button which is called “Tare”. If you press this button your scale will reset the weight to zero. This way you can reset the scale to measure weight again.

Timer (in some scales)

Some scales have a timer in them. As some brewing methods like pour-over coffee are truly time-sensitive, they need a proper timer to work well every time. So the timer of your scale can assist you with indicating the time. In a nutshell, most of the coffee scales will weigh your ingredients, show it to the screen, help you with timing and reset when you want.

Comparison of Top Coffee Scales (Finding the Best Coffee Scale)

We have already gone through different types of scales and how they work. Let’s compare the top coffee scales that coffee enthusiasts or professionals prefer. From this comparison, you can choose which one is best suited for you.

Coffee Scale  Precision (in grams) Built-in Timer  Water Resistance  Special Features  Best Used For 
Acaia Pearl  0.1 g (gram) Yes Yes App connectivity, Rechargeable battery  Best Pour over coffee scale
Acaia Lunar  0.1 g Yes High Designed for Espresso, App connectivity  Best espresso scale 
Hario V60 Drip Scale  0.1 g Yes Limited Streamlined design  Both pour over and budget-friendly scale
Compact, Budget-friendly  0.1 g Yes Yes Minimalistic design, Rechargeable  Preset functionalities, Convert units
Brewista Smart Scale II 0.1 g Yes Yes Espresso modes, Auto Tare Espresso scale 
Escali Pico Precision Scale 0.5 g No Limited Both pour-over and espresso scale For general use
BONAVITA BV02001MU 0.1 g Yes Limited Backlit display, Rechargeable battery  For general use
Acaia Pearl Model S 0.1 g Yes High Multiple brewing modes, App connectivity  For professional use
Fellow Ode Brew Scale 0.1 g Yes Limited Backlit display, Rechargeable battery  For both pour-over and espresso 
Baratza Brewista Ratio Scale 0.1 g Yes No For pour-over coffee Compact Size, Great for travel
AWS Digital Pocket Scale 0.1 g No No Compact Size, Great for travel For travel brewing 
Felica Digital Coffee Scale 0.1 g Yes Limited Popular for espresso-making For professional use 

So, check out this table and think about what you want. Pick the one that matches your requirements the best.

Why Should You Use a Coffee Scale? (Benefits of Coffee Scale)

You all know, it is possible to make a cup of coffee simply without using any scale. Then you might wonder why you should use a scale while it is not mandatory. Well, for you it might not be mandatory but for professionals it is. Moreover, it is essential for you as well to achieve perfect coffee every time. Let’s discuss the benefits you can get by using a coffee scale.

Why Should You Use a Coffee Scale (Benefits of Coffee Scale)


The main reason for using a coffee scale can be its consistency feature. As it measures your water and coffee, even if the brewing time is assisted, you can ensure the same consistent taste and flavor every single time. So it can provide consistency in the taste of your coffee.

Optimal Flavor

Any coffee scale can keep the balance of coffee and water during brewing. The balance in ratios helps you get the optimal flavor. So, every time you can have the best cup of coffee with the same comforting flavor.

Waste Reduction

Suppose, you don’t have any coffee scale and you are making coffee by assuming the quantity of your coffee grounds or water. In this case, you may pour more water or more coffee grounds than needed. So it’ll waste your coffee grounds every time you mess up. But when you have the best coffee scale, you can measure accurately and reduce the wastage of your ingredients. It’ll also save you money, as you will not overuse the coffee grounds.


You know, there are many brewing methods of making coffee like pour-over, French press, espresso brewing etc. Whichever method you choose, your coffee scale can assist you in measuring the perfect amount. So, you can taste the best coffee with versatile techniques.

Learning and Refinement

Using a coffee scale allows you to learn how coffee enthusiasts and professionals bring perfection to their coffee. By learning the process of using, you can refine any technique you like to perfection.

Built-in Timers

Many coffee scales have built-in timers which assist with perfect brewing time. For methods like pour which are time-sensitive, this is an effective feature.


If you are planning to start a coffee shop or work in a coffee shop, it is essential to keep professionalism. By using a coffee scale, you can show up with the exact same taste and best quality to every customer and every cup. This will ensure a professional touch to your work.

Things to Be Concerned About Coffee Scale (Potential Drawbacks)

Normally, a coffee scale is viewed positively but it has some potential drawbacks. Let’s find out what are those drawbacks.

Things to Be Concerned About Coffee Scale (Potential Drawbacks)


For many individuals, using a coffee scale is kind of overcomplicating the coffee-making process. One can easily make coffee without exact and perfect measures, but using a measurement device is a bit complicated.


When you get used to a coffee scale, you will find perfection in every cup. But suppose you suddenly stopped using the scale. It will make you conscious and you might feel your coffee is not perfect. This is how the scale can create a dependency.


The digital and advanced featured coffee scales are highly expensive. There are some budget-friendly options but still, it is an extra cost. Not many people would like to spend money on precision. However, only people with higher integrity will, and perfectionist people won’t let go of this amazing invention.

Battery or Power Concerns

Coffee scales require batteries or charging cables (mostly for digital scales). This is a concern for you as you have to charge it and check whether the battery is fully charged or not. Though many people wouldn’t take this as a concern, some people are always concerned about their monthly electricity bill.

Slows Down the Process

Using the coffee scale requires time. If you are in a rush, it is not a wise decision to use a scale, weight and measure and then make coffee. The reason behind this is, that the scale slows down the entire brewing process.Remember that the benefits of a coffee scale usually outweigh the drawbacks. You should explore both sides; positive and negative, before using one.


To wrap it up, we can say finding the best coffee scale is not the same for every individual. Being “the best” depends on your personal preferences and specific requirements about the scale. We have discussed different types of scales among which the best espresso scale is Acacia Lunar. There exist other espresso scales which are good as well. Acacia Pearl is the best scale for pour-over coffee. You can use it if you choose the pour-over method. 

On the other hand, the best digital scale for measuring the beans or amount of beans must have a high level of accuracy, precision, added features, and user-friendliness as well. So before choosing any of these, think about what you need and what suits your requirements. If you want to know how even the most precisely measured coffee can affect your brain, check out this article. It might give you insights that will help you to keep your health in line.

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