Lattes are one of the most common & beloved beverages around the world. They are renowned for their smooth and balanced flavour. Later that day I wanted to make a latte at my home, just a regular latte. Suddenly I was confused about how many shots of espresso should be in my latte. So, I got curious about it and did a little research.

What I found is that two shots of espresso in a latte are the standard amount. However, this amount is an amount that most people use to make their day-to-day latte. If you are making your regular latte two shots of espresso is good enough.

Now if you are still curious to know more about the shots of espresso or latte then stay with me. Because I was curious about this matter too. To understand the amount of shots of espresso in a latte we need to understand the basics first.

Basics of latte

Latte is a word that means milk coffee and it is derived from the Italian cafe latte. At the core, a latte is brewed with only two elements: Steamy milk and espresso. So, it is espresso that plays the strongest role in shaping the flavour of latte.

The standard: two shots of espresso

The standard two shots of espresso

Traditionally a latte contains two shots of espresso. These two shots of espresso are the heart and soul of the flavour of latte. The espresso is the element that makes it rich, and slightly bitter in flavour. The key to achieving this perfect balance is to have a perfect blend of these two shots with steamy milk.

Size variations and espresso shots

Now, let’s dive into the size and shot number of espresso that depends on the size.  A large latte such as 16 ounces or 20 ounces might include an additional shot to keep the coffee-to-milk ratio. This is maintained also at Starbucks. One employee directly revealed that they put 2 shots of espresso mostly in a common size. If only the coffee is above 16 ounces then they put 3 shots of espresso.

Why not a Single Shot of Espresso or 3 Shots of Espresso

I had this confusion for quite a long time about the number of shots. Then after some research, I found that the reason was quite simple. Espresso does a good job of manipulating the flavour of the latte. More shots of espresso will result in a more robust latte, or mat have a stronger taste. Whereas fewer shots of espresso will result in a milder version of the latte, so 2 shots of espresso are ideal for this reason.


Now many questions can arise in your mind just like mine. Let’s see some of them.

Q1: How many shots of espresso are in a venti latte?

Just like any other latte venti latte contains 2 shots of espresso. A venti-sized latte is the largest latte at Starbucks.

However, some cafes offer an extra shot of espresso to the venti latte for people who want a more robust, and stronger flavour.

Q2: How many shots of espresso in a cappuccino?

A traditional cappuccino typically consists of a single shot of espresso and an equal amount of milk and milk foam.  This standard measurement gives a well-balanced flavour to the cappuccino.

Q3. How many shots of espresso in Macchiato latte?

Macchiato is a fusion of two popular coffee drinks. It is brewed by combining a usual latte and vanilla macchiato drizzle. This drink contains the two shots of latte that were for the latte.

Q4. How many shots of espresso in the mocha latte?

A mocha latte features espresso (typically one or two shots), steamed milk, and a rich chocolate sauce, creating a delightful blend of coffee.

Q5. How many shots of espresso in a blond latte?

It uses one or two shots depending on the size of the drink.

Q6. How many shots of latte in iced latte, caramel latte, etc.?

Generally, all types of latte contain two shots of espresso. However, it is considered that some people prefer to have a more robust, stronger coffee. Those people sometimes have 3 shots of espresso, and it is not suggested.

Q7. how many shots of espresso in different cold coffee, iced tea, etc?

These light drinks don’t contain any shot of espresso mostly.

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