There’s a world of coffee brewing methods out there, from the familiar drip machines to the elaborate pour-over techniques. However, there’s one method that is a hidden gem: the pitcher method. In this article, we’ll dive deep into this less-known coffee brewing method which is simple, and cost-effective. It is also capable of producing unique and delicious coffee.

The pitcher method is a method of brewing coffee that involves a pitcher. It is not as popular as other methods but it has its charm. The pitcher method is more suitable for those who love simplicity, enjoy experimenting and looking for an affordable way.

Materials Needed

Before jumping to the brewing through the pitcher method gather these materials first.

Materials Needed

Jug or Pitcher: Find a jug or pitcher that has a lid. The jug has to be heat resistant and the size should also be enough to brew your required coffee.

Coffee Grounds: First, choose the best coffee beans that you can find near you. Try to find beans that are fresh, medium roasted and if possible arabica beans. Then grind them to a condition where they are not completely smooth, and keep the roughness of the beans. The amount of beans that you want will depend on the size of your pitcher.

Boil Properly: Take water in another jar, and boil the water properly. The temperature of the water is really important here, as it affects the flavour extraction. To get the best flavour extraction keep the water or boil the water within 90-96 degrees Celsius.

Filter(Optional): In this way, there will be some sediment remaining in your coffee. You can use a filter to remove the sediment so that you can have a fine mesh.

Brewing Process

Here is the golden ticket, the step-by-step to make the best coffee grounds.

Brewing Process

Prepare your coffee grounds: Measure your coffee grounds in ounces. An ideal measurement is 1 or 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water, depending on your taste preference. Don’t be afraid to add more coffee if you like to have high caffeine in your coffee.

Add coffee Grounds to the pitcher: Place the coffee grounds into your pitcher. Be a little cautious when placing the grounds into the pitcher if you want all of the coffee grounds.

Pour Hot Water: Now your job is to pour the hot water over the coffee grounds into the pitcher.  Ensure that the coffee grounds are saturated. For the best results pour over the water slowly into the pitcher, don’t rush.

Stir and Bloom: Gently stir the coffee water mixture to ensure more saturation. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. Blooming helps the coffee grounds to release gases, and thus the coffee bed expands. It is an important process for the coffee to degas and prepare for the next phase of extraction. Extraction can be done properly if the coffee grounds are bloomed properly.

Cover the Lid: Cover the pitcher with a lid for some time. This covering helps the coffee to get stronger and also prevents any contaminants from getting in. Then let the coffee stay covered for 5–6 minutes. You can adjust the time to your preference. If your choice is milder coffee, and you have beans to support your taste then keep it for a shorter time. And if your choice is stronger coffee and has beans that support your preference then keep the pitcher covered a little longer.

Filtering (Optional): Filtering is a good option and do not underestimate it. Many people do not think filtering is necessary. However, if you want to have the best coffee from the pitcher method, filter your coffee. Otherwise, coffee grounds will give an uncomfortable feeling.

Serve and Enjoy: Your coffee brewed in the pitcher method is ready to drink. You can have it raw made from the pitcher method or add milk, or caramel for extra flavour.

Unique characteristics of the Pitcher Method Coffee

There’s a saying in the South Asian community that handmade things are always the best. Coffee from the pitcher method is like handmade coffee. You get my point. Coffee brewed in this process has some unique characteristics. Firstly it has a well-rounded flavour with a pleasing balance of acidity. With longer steeping time you can also have a more robust coffee.

Unique characteristics of the Pitcher Method Coffee

3 Advantages of the Pitcher Method

  1. Simplicity: the pitcher method is straightforward, making it accessible for coffee connoisseurs.
  2. Affordability: the materials needed for the pitcher method are really easy to find. All you need is just a jug or pitcher and some coffee beans.
  3. Customization: You can customize your coffee with caramel, milk and sweeteners for extra flavours. However, if you want a nutty flavour you can take some nuts and put them in the pitcher with the beans. Do not experiment with this if you have any type of allergic problems.

Tips for Coffee Lovers

We have a few tips for perfecting your pitcher method coffee. If you are keen on perfection, here are a few tips for you.

  1. Experiment with different varieties of coffee beans to find the perfect taste for you. Look over other articles to find some of the best beans for different coffee. Try the beans that have a strong and bold flavour, light flavour, Ethiopian beans, Sumatran beans etc.
  2. Adjust the steeping time to make your coffee stronger or milder. If you want a more robust coffee steep in the pitcher for a longer time. And if you want a mild coffee then steep in the pitcher for a lesser time.
  3. Keep your pitcher clean to avoid any extra contamination on your coffee. Sometimes it might also affect the taste of your brewed coffee.


There are many methods to brew a good coffee or a perfect coffee. However, the pitcher method gives a feeling of the past. In the past people used to make coffee through this method. It is used for kings and queens and top officials only. This method is a handcrafted method to brew coffee. This method itself makes it more exciting. Try to brew your next cup of coffee through the pitcher method.

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