As pour-over is a manual coffee brewing technique, you should choose the fresh coffee beans of course. Rely on those beans that have a strong aroma and layered flavors for this method. You can choose Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenyan AA, Costa Rican Tarrazu, Panamanian Boquete, Brazilian Santos etc. as they are considered to be the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee.

If you want to save time and go for packaged coffee grounds, choose the best brands for pour-over. Choose among Blue Bottle Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Lavazza, Death Wish Coffee Co., Counter Culture Coffee etc.

Here, we have discussed a brief recipe for pour-over coffee. For your better understanding, we added some considerations to check while picking any coffee as best. Then we have suggested the 10 best types of coffee beans and 10 brands offering the best coffee grounds for pour-over coffee. Pick which one seems suitable to you.

Pour-Over Coffee: Simple Steps to Brewing Bliss!

Pour-Over Coffee Simple Steps to Brewing Bliss!

Craving a delicious cup of coffee? Look no further than the pour-over method! Here’s a quick guide to get you started:


  • Medium-grind coffee beans (freshly roasted for best results!)
  • Hot water (around 200°F or 93°C)
  • Optional: Sugar, milk, honey, flavorings (to customize your cup)


  1. Heat Up: Bring your water to a boil. Aim for a temperature around 200°F (93°C) for optimal extraction.
  2. Prep Your Pour-Over: Place a cone-shaped filter in your pour-over device and add your coffee grounds.
  3. The Golden Shower: Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. Aim for a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio (e.g., 1 gram of coffee for 15 grams of water).
  4. Let it Drip: The hot water will extract the flavor and aroma from the grounds as it drips through the filter.
  5. Coffee Time! Once all the water has drained, remove the filter and enjoy your freshly brewed pour-over coffee!
  6. Customize Away (Optional): Add a touch of sugar, milk, honey, or your favorite flavoring to personalize your cup.


  • Use a medium-coarse grind for optimal extraction.
  • Invest in a burr grinder for consistent grind size.
  • Freshly roasted beans make a world of difference!
  • Experiment with different coffee-to-water ratios to find your perfect strength.

With these simple steps, you’ll be brewing barista-worthy pour-over coffee in no time!

How To Choose the Best Coffee Beans For Pour-Over Coffee? (5 Considerations To Pick The Best One)

the Best Coffee Beans For Pour-Over Coffee

The pour-over method allows you to experience the full potential of your coffee beans. But with so many choices, how do you pick the perfect match? Here are 5 key considerations:

Origin Story: Explore beans from renowned coffee regions like Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and Kenya. These areas are known for producing flavorful beans that shine in pour-over brewing.

Roast Revelation:  They highlight the delicate flavors and complex notes that darker roasts mightLighter Roasts Are Your Pour-Over BFFs. mask. Aim for light to medium roasts for the full pour-over experience.

Freshness is King: Just like any food, coffee beans lose their magic over time. Choose freshly roasted beans whenever possible. Look for roast dates on the package – the fresher, the better!

The Grind Game: Grinding size plays a crucial role in pour-over. You want a medium grind, similar to sea salt. This allows for optimal water flow and balanced extraction. If buying pre-ground, look for options labeled “pour-over” or “medium grind.”

Brand Bonanza: While exploring local roasters is always exciting, there are some reliable brands to consider. Lavazza, Death Wish Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee, and Stumptown Coffee are all known for their high-quality offerings.

Bonus Tip: Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try different origins, roasts, and grind sizes to discover your personal pour-over preference. Happy brewing!

Our Suggestions For Best Pour-over Coffee Beans (10 Best Types)

Best Pour-over Coffee Beans

Suppose, you are going to make pour-over coffee, but you don’t know which coffee bean to use. Isn’t it a big dilemma? To solve this issue, here we are suggesting the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one type of coffee bean produced in Ethiopia. These coffee beans are famous for their unique fruity taste and acidity level. In the pour-over method, these beans can bring a nice aroma with a fruity taste.

You can choose this option as the best pour-over coffee beans. Try it to get the vibe of the region, Ethiopia.

  • Colombian Supremo

Colombia is one of the most renowned countries for producing coffee. The Colombian Supremo has a balanced nutty taste. If you use this bean, go for medium grinding. It can make your coffee balanced.

Using Colombian Supremo, your pour-over coffee will not be too strong or bitter. It will not be mild either. You can taste a well-balanced nutty flavor in this coffee.

  • Kenyan AA

It is a special type of Arabica coffee bean and is grown in Kenya. You can differentiate its taste from other coffee beans. It has bold flavors and wine-like acidity.

In the pour-over method, it can be extracted well. But you have to keep the grinding size medium to coarse.

  • Guatemalan Antigua

These coffee beans offer a rich and chocolatey taste. Those who love chocolate flavors can grab this bean for their pour-over coffee.

The slow extraction process of pour-over coffee can extract the oils and aroma of this bean as well. So, choose Guatemalan Antigua coffee beans for a yummy cup of pour-over coffee.

  • Costa Rican Tarrazu

This coffee bean brings the vibe of the Tarrazu region. It is famous for its smooth and delicate texture.

You can use it for pour-over coffee. This bean can make your coffee smooth, balanced and aromatic. It creates a comforting experience with the pour-over method.

  • Brazilian Santos

These beans are renowned for their nutty and mild flavor. It basically comes from various regions in Brazil.

When you use these beans in a pour-over method, it can offer you nice and mild extraction. It will not overpower your coffee taste.

  • Panamanian Geisha

These can be another option for the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee. It creates a rich and floral flavor. It adds sweetness to your coffee.

The slow extraction process of the pour-over method brings out its sweetness and bright acidity. But be cautious about the grind size. The preferable grind size for Panamanian Geisha is fine grinding.

  • Mexican Oaxaca Pluma

It offers a versatile flavor profile. Normally it is light and bright. You can taste a bit of sweetness in this coffee.

Try it for pour-over coffee and experience the unique flavor and aromatic vibe of these beans.

  • Indonesian Sumatra and Java

In Indonesia, two varieties of coffee are grown and both are famous. These are Sumatra Mandheling and Java. Grind these beans coarsely for the best extraction.

You can use these in pour-over coffee for bold flavor and balanced acidity. It also creates sweetness. So, many of us find it best to pour over coffee.

  •  Honduran Marcala

These coffee beans are also flavorful and aromatic. You can taste a combination of fruits and chocolates in it.

Pour-over method can extract all its flavors well. So, you can get the best cup of coffee with a fruity aroma.

10 Recommended Brands For Best Pour-over Coffee Grounds 

10 Recommended Brands For Best Pour-over Coffee Grounds 

Now you know which coffee beans are the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee. Suppose you do not have time to get coffee beans and grind them. Then what can you do?

You can save your time by buying ground coffee. Many brands offer packaged coffee grounds for pour-over coffee. They usually use those coffee beans we have mentioned. So, you can choose any of the following brands for making pour-over coffee.

1.Blue Bottle Coffee

It is a blend of 3 types of best coffee beans. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenyan AA and Tanzanian Peaberry come together in this coffee. Go for this brand for a fruity comforting flavor.

2. Intelligentsia Coffee

It includes Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans. This can also make your pour-over coffee rich and aromatic.

3. Lavazza

This is a famous coffee brand. Many people choose this for their pour-over coffee. It is a mix of Brazilian and Asian beans. It can give you a creamy texture.

4. Death Wish Coffee Co.

This coffee offers an intense and chocolatey flavor. Normally they use Robusta beans. It can also be a good option for pour-over coffee.

5. Counter Culture Coffee – Hologram

You can explore the blend of Ethiopian, Colombian and Peruvian coffee beans. So, this coffee will give your pour-over coffee a bright, balanced and sweet flavor.

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This brand can give you fruity and bright flavors. Choose this brand if it goes with your taste buds. It will ensure you a tasty cup of pour-over coffee.

7. Kicking Horse Coffee

This coffee uses mostly Indonesian beans. They offer a variety of flavors. In making pour-over coffee, these coffee grounds can bring the best aroma and flavor.

8. Verve Coffee Roasters

This brand picks the Brazilian and Colombian kinds of beans. So, you can get a balanced and smooth flavor using this coffee. It is suitable for pour-over brewing.

9. Peet’s Coffee

This can provide an earthy, bright and bold flavor. Choose this for your pour-over coffee to get rich and bold coffee.

10. Four Sigmatic – Mushroom Ground Coffee

This is a unique type of coffee with mushroom extracts. It has potential health benefits. Recently people have been turning towards this coffee as they care about their health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the pour-over method called a manual coffee brewing method?

In the pour-over brewing process, you have control over brewing. You can choose how much water to put in, the pouring rate of water, and also the pouring style. That’s why this process is called a manual coffee brewing technique.

Which are the best pour-over coffee makers or pour-over devices?

Some popular coffee makers for pour-over methods include Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex, Melitta Pour-over Cone etc. You can choose any of these for your pour-over coffee.

What is the ratio of coffee to water for Pour-Over Coffee? 

The typical ratio of coffee to water for pour-over coffee is 1:15. It means for every 1 gram of coffee grounds, you need 15 grams of water.

Is it possible to use pre-ground coffee for pour-over coffee? 

Yes, it is possible to use pre-ground coffee for pour-over coffee. But we recommend using freshly ground beans for best results. If you are picking any brand of ground coffee, make sure you store the coffee grounds properly.


To sum up we can say that pour-over coffee is quite popular in recent times. Making it is quite simple and easy. You can check our quick recipe and for any other questions visit our website “Coffee Mart Blog”.

Now you know which are the best coffee beans for pour-over coffee. So, choose from our suggested type of coffee beans or suggested brands. Enjoy your pour-over coffee and experience new ways of making it.

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