Liquid Coffee Concentrate is actually the brewed and packed liquid coffee you buy from stores. It is stronger and bolder than regular coffee. You have to dilute it or make it milder by adding water or milk to it. The best liquid coffee concentrates include Javy Coffee Concentrate, Death Wish Coffee Co., La Colombe Draft Latte, Stumptown Cold Brew, Chameleon Cold Brew etc. You can try any of these liquid coffee concentrates.

Here we have introduced the liquid coffee concentrates and popular options of concentrates to try. Also, we have discussed a variety of options the best brands are providing. Then we have mentioned 6 important considerations while picking the best Coffee concentrate. This will help you get your desired concentrated coffee.

A Brief Of Liquid Coffee Concentrate

A Brief Of Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Liquid Coffee Concentrate is already brewed coffee. Normally it is made by soaking coarsely ground coffee beans for an extended period. It is less acidic and highly caffeinated than regular coffee. Many renowned brands offer concentrated coffee options. All you have to do is buy your favorite concentrate and dilute it with water or milk.

The concentrates are very strong and bold. You can make both hot and cold coffee from these concentrates. This is suitable for people who are always in a hurry or feel too lazy to make coffee every day. It saves time and ensures smooth coffee anytime. However, the cost of these concentrates is higher than regular coffee.

Popular Options For Liquid Coffee Concentrate

We have mentioned earlier that many brands offer concentrated coffee. Among them, some brands have gained popularity and provide the best quality. Let’s check out some of the best options which you can try.

Javy Coffee Concentrate

Jany Coffee Concentrate is a convenient option. You can get flavorful coffee with many varieties. All the options are smooth and tasty. That’s why people love their coffee concentrates.

They also ensure BPA-free plastic bottle packaging. It means the plastic material will not harm your health or ruin the taste of the coffee. Their shelf life is 12 months before opening. After opening the bottle, we suggest drinking it within 10 weeks (Refrigerated).

1. Variety of Javy Coffee Concentrate

Variety of Javy Coffee Concentrate

  1. Original Blend: It provides a combined flavor of chocolate and caramel.
  2. Mocha: This is a blend of chocolate and coffee flavors. You can feel the smoothness while drinking.
  3. French Vanilla: It is a combination of vanilla flavor with base Javy Coffee.
  4. Decaf: You can get all the flavors in Decaf options. This means your concentrated coffee will be caffeine-free.
  5. Limited-edition: Javy Coffee Concentrate offers seasonal flavors. They come into the market as limited-editions. These may include Coconut Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha etc.

Death Wish Coffee Co. Nitro Cold Brew

This can be the best liquid coffee concentrate for you. Many coffee lovers choose this. It provides the unique feature of nitrogen infusion. This means nitrogen is dissolved into the cold brew which makes the coffee smoother.

The most amazing thing is you can drink it even without dilution. These concentrates come in aluminium cans. The shelf life is about six months. After opening the cans, use it within 2 weeks.

Death Wish Coffee Co. Nitro Cold Brew

Variety of Death Wish Coffee Co. Nitro Cold Brew

Original Nitro Cold Brew: This provides a bold and dark-roasted coffee flavor. Mainly this coffee has more caffeine in it.

Valhalla Java Nitro Cold Brew: This is bolder and stronger than the original one. So if you want a stronger coffee concentrate, choose this one.

3. La Colombe Draft Latte

This is another convenient and delicious liquid coffee concentrate option. You can get a creamy and sweet taste from these concentrates. Use it within 30 days for the best taste.

Variety of La Colombe Draft Latte

  1. Original Draft Latte: You can get a sweet creamy coffee from this variety. This is their original form of concentration.
  2. Vanilla Sweet Cream Draft Latte: It is a combination of vanilla flavor with cold brew. You can get a sweet and smooth texture from it.
  3. Mocha Draft Latte: Get a blend of chocolate and cold brew in Mocha Draft Latte.
  4. Decaf Mocha Draft Latte: This is the caffeine-free form of the Mocha Draft Latte.

4. Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate

This is a high-quality liquid coffee concentrate. It will provide you with a smooth and less acidic flavor. You can dilute it with water or milk before drinking. It comes with a glass bottle packaging. Drink this concentrate within 90 days.

Variety of Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate

  1. Original Cold Brew: This is the base cold brew concentrate from Stumptown Coffee.
  2. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew: It is a combination of vanilla flavor with cold brew. You can get a sweet and smooth texture from it.
  3. Mocha Cold Brew: Get a blend of chocolate and cold brew in Stumptown Mocha cold brew.
  4. Horchata: This is a unique concentrate with cold brew and spices like cinnamon and vanilla beans.
  5. Nitro Cold Brew: This option is the combination of cold brew with nitrogen infusion.

How To Choose The Best Concentrate? (6 Things To Consider)

How To Choose The Best Concentrate

You may find many varieties of concentrates in the market. Do not get confused by so many options. If you want to grab the best liquid coffee concentrate, you have to consider some important things.
Here we are suggesting some key considerations for your coffee concentrate.

  • Figure out what type of flavors you want. You can pick dark roast and bold flavors like Javy or Death Wish. On the other hand, you can go for a mild and bright taste like Stumptown Coffee Concentrate.
  • If you want sweet concentrates, La Colombe Draft Latte can be your best coffee concentrate.
  • Consider your preferred type of coffee. Decide whether you want hot or cold coffee.
  • Carefully dilute your concentrate. Remember if you mix too much water or milk into your concentrated coffee, it will get too mild. Unfortunately, you will not get the perfect taste of the coffee.
  • Consider your health conditions as your priority. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try to avoid those concentrates which have high levels of caffeine. For example, the Death Wish Coffee Concentrate has a higher caffeine content. So, sensitive people should avoid this option.
  • Always check on your budget. Some concentrates are costly like Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate. So, if you are having a tight budget, go for other options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why should I use Liquid Coffee Concentrate?

You may use liquid coffee concentrates if you are too busy with your work or too lazy to make coffee every day. The concentrates are convenient, easy to use, have different flavors and also have a longer shelf life than regular coffee. It may help you easily prepare and drink coffee without any hassle.

How to drink coffee concentrates?

To drink or prepare coffee from concentrates, you have to pour the liquid concentrate into a glass and add milk or water to it. Add milk or water as your preferred amount. Don’t use too much because it may ruin the taste. This is how you can drink concentrated coffee. Many brands offer ready-to-drink options too.

What are the drawbacks of using coffee concentrates?

The drawbacks include higher cost than regular coffee, and not as flavorful as freshly brewed coffee. Moreover, many brands use preservatives that may affect your health.


To sum up we can say liquid coffee concentrate is very convenient and helpful for us. You can use it simply by diluting it with milk or water. We have recommended the best-concentrated coffee brands so that you can easily pick the best one. Try any of our suggested options in your long and busy days. For any recipe or coffee-related information, visit our websiteCoffee Mart Blog”.

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