Decaf cold brew means coffee made with decaffeinated beans. Decaffeinated beans are coffee beans that do not have caffeine or are very low in caffeine. The process is a bit complex, we covered that in this article.

To make decaf cold brew coffee all you have to do is get some decaffeinated beans from the market. Then ground them, mix them with water, and ensure that all the coffee ground is mixed with the water properly. Leave the mixture for 16 hours at room temperature. After that filter the mixed water so that it leaves the additional coffee grounds in the filter. Then keep it in the refrigerator, and wait until it’s cold.

Now, this is the short version of making decaf cold brew, but there are other things associated with it. You have to know the exact amount of water, the time to keep it, and things to avoid while making cold brew. So, if you want to know all these keep scrolling.

How to make decaf cold brew coffee at home

How to make decaf cold brew coffee at home

Let’s start with the basics. Let’s see what are the equipment or ingredients that you’ll need.


  • 50g  decaf coffee beans
  • 350ml of water at room temperature


Step 1: You might need a measurement tool for this, however we have another system of measurement. Take around 50g of decaffeinated coffee beans with 350 ml of water. If you do not have the tools for measurement then keep the coffee bean to water ratio 7:1

Step 2: Now, it’s time to grind the coffee beans. Grind your coffee beans well, you can use a French press grind size for better usage. Ground your coffee beans well, otherwise, you‘ll need more beans than needed. Moreover, you’ll find more spoilage if not grounded properly.

Step 3: in this step which is the most important step to make decaf cold brew coffee, you’ll have to mix the coffee ground with water. Keep the water at room temperature, it doesn’t affect much even if it is cold water. So no worries.

Step 4: Now comes the waiting game, after mixing the water and coffee grounds properly wait for at least 16 hours. During this time the mixture will stabilize and the flavour of the beans will start to activate in the coffee.

Step 5: This is the easiest step, take the mixture and keep it in the fridge. There is no recommendation as per the temperature. Keep it as your preference. The colder you want the lower the temperature will be. 

Step 6: Use a strainer or French press plunger to separate the coffee grounds from the cold brew. This is called straining the coffee. Now filter the cold brew for a final time. Even though you’ve already separated the coffee grounds from the coffee there might still be sediment that will be present in the cold brew.

Choosing the Best Beans for Making Decaf Cold Brew

Choosing the Best Beans for Making Decaf Cold Brew

There are several things that you have to consider while making decaffeinated cold brew coffee. Coffee beans contain two types of materials inside them. Soluble materials and insoluble materials. Soluble materials are those that can be mixed in water and provide to the aroma and flavour. Caffeine is one of the most important soluble materials in coffee beans. As decaffeinated coffee doesn’t have caffeine, so already the soluble material is less. 

So, you’ll have to find beans that are strong and rich in flavour. As it will lose the soluble material, it has to have other materials that will add to its flavour and aroma. And if you like the taste of regular coffee, then use more coffee beans to make the coffee compared to regular coffee. So, I have some specially recommended beans that already contain a higher aroma and a higher flavour than other beans. These will be better for the decaf cold coffee brew.

  1. Arabica beans that are decaffeinated
  2. Columbian beans that are decaffeinated
  3. Sumatran decaffeinated beans

Buy from your favourite shop, try to buy from a popular shop as they might maintain the quality. Try to go for these types of beans for a stronger aroma with less grounded beans. Another type of beans will also work, this is just a recommendation.

Things to Avoid while Making Decaffeinated Cold Brew Coffee

Low-Quality Beans: The quality of the beans is the most important thing to consider while making coffee. The same goes for decaffeinated cold coffee. You cannot consider this, use beans from a shop that delivers higher quality beans. Go for the beans that have been roasted within a week or maybe less. Remember after a month the coffee beans lose their original aroma and flavour. Most important of all try to use freshly ground coffee beans, so better to avoid coffee grounds. Buy beans and grind them yourself.

Use a grinder and a scale: Many people do not possess these at home, but hey if you want to have the quality you have to pay for it. So, if you want the best quality decaf cold coffee you’ll need a scale to measure the amount and a grinder to grind the coffee beans properly. I normally grind the beans for 30 minutes whenever I make a decaffeinated cold brew. Remember the more it is grounded the less bitter it tastes.

Caffeine amount and nutrition amount in decaffeinated coffee

There is no exact amount of caffeine or the exact amount of calories that anyone can provide. However, we have an estimated comparison of different coffee types and how they vary from decaf cold brew coffee. 

Coffee type  caffeine calories Total fat
Black coffee 95 mg 2 0
Espresso  63 mg 20 0
Latte  63 mg (varies) 120-220 15-40
Cappuccino  63 mg  40-80 10-30
Americano  63 mg 5 0
Cold brew coffee  100-200 mg 2-5 0
Decaffeinated coffee 2-5 mg 2 0
Decaffeinated cold brew 2-5 mg 2-5 0

Now this is an estimated data, and it can change with the addition of different add-ons. For example, this data may change if you add vanilla syrup or other flavourings. Let’s see why decaffeinated coffee is good for you, and why you should consider brewing it. Some people prefer decaf coffee over regular coffee. You have to understand if you should choose decaf coffee over regular coffee. Because not everyone should choose decaf coffee as regular coffee is less expensive.

8 Potential Benefits of Decaffeinated Coffee

  1. It boosts cardiovascular health, which means good for your heart
  2. It lowers the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of diabetes
  3. It improves the functions of the brain
  4. Decaf coffee reduces the risk of cancer, especially heart cancer
  5. Decaf coffee provides antioxidants and nutrients that are found in regular coffee too. These antioxidants include magnesium, potassium and vitamin B
  6. It lowers anxiety and improves sleep
  7. It lowers the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases
  8. Two or more cups of decaf coffee daily has resulted in a 48% reduction chance of rectal cancer

Now, these are the common benefits of decaffeinated coffee. If you are someone who is health conscious or has some heart-related problem then I think you should consider taking decaf coffee. Getting decaf coffee from coffee shops every day can be quite expensive and hectic too. So a better solution is to make decaf coffee at home.

3 Things Only Regular Coffee Can do that Decaf Coffee Cannot Do

Sudden improvement in alertness: Decaf coffee is decaf coffee because it does not have caffeine in it. The beans were specially processed to eliminate caffeine. So, decaf coffee lacks the qualities that regular coffee with caffeine has. So, regular coffee will give you a sudden alertness, a sudden activation of your mind. It will boost your brain suddenly. All these are caffeine effects, that decaf coffee cannot give you. So, do not expect a sudden boost when consuming decaf coffee.

Reduce hunger: Decaf coffee will not reduce your hunger as regular coffee can do. Regular coffee reduces the urge to eat, which may result in weight loss. Decaf coffee doesn’t have caffeine in it. It will not reduce the appetite and mostly you’ll feel normal. Moreover, it will not stimulate thermogenesis. So, the body will not feel warmer, as after regular coffee the body may feel warmer.

Does not improve sudden athletic performance: Caffeine helps to store glucose in the muscles longer. It helps the muscles to delay the time for exhaustion. When it comes to athletic performance caffeine caffeine helps the fat to be used as fuel. Decaf coffee does not have caffeine, so it will not give you much advantage in sudden athletic performance. However, in the long term, decaf coffee will help you to get in better shape, help your heart, and get athletic.


Decaffeinated coffee is perfect for people with health consciousness, people who want to reset their brains, and people who want to reduce their caffeine addiction. You may be one of these people or just simply want to try it. Do not hesitate, decaf coffee is a must-try item for coffee lovers. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned coffee connoisseur you can try decaf coffee. This article has covered how you can brew decaf cold brew coffee and also its advantages. Try to make it at your home with simple Ingredients.


Q1:  What’s the difference between decaf cold brew and regular cold brew?

Decaf cold brew is made using decaffeinated coffee beans, resulting in a beverage with minimal caffeine. Regular cold brew uses standard coffee beans, providing a more robust caffeine content.

Q2: How long should I leave the decaf cold brew mixture to steep?

Allow the decaf cold brew mixture to steep for at least 16 hours. This timeframe allows the flavors to activate and ensures a well-balanced cold brew.

Q3: Can I use cold water for the brewing process? 

Yes, you can use cold water for brewing decaf cold brew. Room temperature water is recommended, but cold water works as well without significantly affecting the outcome.

Q4: Is there a specific ratio of coffee beans to water I should follow?

For optimal results, use a ratio of 7:1 (coffee beans to water). If you have a measurement tool, aim for 50g of decaf coffee beans with 350ml of water.

Q5: What’s the recommended grind size for the coffee beans?

Aim for a French press grind size when grinding the coffee beans. Proper grinding ensures better flavor extraction and prevents spoilage.

Q6: Is decaf brew cold coffee suitable for people sensitive to caffeine?

Yes, decaf brew cold coffee is an excellent choice for those sensitive to is also optimal for people who are looking to enjoy coffee later in the day without affecting their sleep.

Q7: How should decaf brew cold coffee be stored?

Store decaf brew cold coffee in a sealed container in the refrigerator. It’s best consumed within a few days for optimal freshness. You can also prepare a larger batch and dilute it with water or milk when serving.

 Q8: Can I add sweeteners or flavors to decaf brew cold coffee?

Yes, you can customize your decaf brew cold coffee with sweeteners, flavored syrups, or milk to suit your taste preferences. Experiment with different add-ons to create your perfect cold coffee experience. Don’t have enough time to read the whole content? Just download our recipe and make it easier.

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