You all know that one of the most important parts of the coffee-making process is grinding the coffee beans into powders. It is a simple and satisfying process. To grind the coffee beans, you can use different types of coffee grinders which are available in the market. But do you know what a single dose coffee grinder is? Which one is the best single dose coffee grinder? 

Well, let’s simply introduce the single dose coffee grinder. It is a grinding machine which grinds only the amount of coffee beans you need for a single brew. Which one is the best single dose coffee grinder depends on your preferences, requirements and budget. However, the Niche Zero is a popular single dose coffee grinder. It has gained significant popularity for its grinding quality, quietness, ease of use and quality of the materials it is made of. Let’s discuss this more in detail so that you can find the best single dose coffee grinder. 

What Is a Single Dose Coffee Grinder? What Are the Features of It?

Single Dose Coffee Grinder 

Single Dose Coffee Grinder 

As we have discussed earlier, a single dose coffee grinder is a grinding machine. It grinds the perfect amount of coffee beans needed for one single brew. It does not hold a larger quantity for multiple brews. So, it can assure you the freshness in every cup of coffee as the coffee is freshly ground.

Features or Characteristics of a Single Dose Coffee Grinder

There are some common features of a single dose coffee grinder. These features optimize the grinding process by offering precision, consistency and freshness. Before deciding which one is the best single dose coffee grinder, let’s go through its features of it.

No Large Hopper

You may know, the traditional coffee grinders have larger bean hoppers (which hold coffee beans). A large hopper can hold coffee beans for multiple servings. But in a single dose grinder, there is no Large hopper. It has a minimal hopper or direct input system so that you can use the beans for one single brew.


As you grind one single dose at a time, every time you can get the freshness of coffee beans. Pre-ground coffee beans do not provide the best aromatic flavor which freshly ground beans do. It is one of the best parts of using a single dose grinder.

Low to Zero Retention

Many single dose grinders provide low to zero retention. It means these grinders ground all the coffee beans and release all of it. So, you can call these the “zero retention coffee grinder”. Using a zero retention grinder, you can avoid wasting your coffee. 

Precision & Consistency 

You can achieve precision by using a single dose grinder, as it keeps the coffee-to-water ratio perfect. The best single dose grinder can provide consistency in ground size and coffee’s taste as well.

Compact Design

The whole design of any single dose coffee grinder is minimal. As it does not have a large hopper, the overall design is compact. This can be a plus point for you because you can adjust it to your limited space easily.

Flexibility & Adjustability 

While using a single dose grinder, you can experience flexibility and adjustability. It allows you to easily switch different coffee beans from one brew to another. Moreover, you can adjust the grind size according to your preference. For espresso, you can grind finely and for French press coarse grinding is preferable. 

Manual or Electric Options 

Single dose coffee grinders come in two models; manual and electric. Both models are user-friendly and popular. You can choose whichever seems to be the best single dose coffee grinder. 

High-Quality Burrs

The best single dose grinders ensure high-quality burrs, like a single dose flat burr grinder. High-quality burrs indicate a more consistent grind and longer lifespan of the grinder as well.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The design of many single dose coffee grinders is compact and its functionality is cleaner (like zero retention). So, it is comparably easy to clean and maintain. 

Comparison of Top Single Dose Coffee Grinders

As you have gone through different types of single dose grinders, you know which are the top grinders. Let’s compare the top types, to better understand which one is the best single dose coffee grinder. 

Features of Grinder Niche Zero  Comandante C40 MK3  1Zpresso JX Series  Baratza Sette 270
Grinding Mechanism  Conical Burr Conical Burr Conical Burr Conical Burr
Power source Electric  Manual Manual  Electric 
Grind Range Espresso to French Press Espresso to French Press Espresso to French Press Primarily Espresso
Build Material  Metal & Plastic Stainless Steel Stainless Steel & Aluminum  Plastic & Metal 
Grind Retention  Minimal Minimal Minimal Minimal
Adjustability  Stepless Stepped Stepless Stepped (Micro- adjustments)
Speed Moderate Manual (Variable) Manual (Variable) Fast
Noise Level  Low – Moderate  Low (Manual) Low (Manual) Moderate – High
Ease of Cleaning  Moderate  Easy Easy Moderate
Price Range  Premium  Mid-Range Mid-Range Mid-Range
Best for All-around use


Manual Grinding Enthusiasts  Portability & travel  Zero retention espresso grinder

By What specialty Will You Say A Single Dose Coffee Grinder Is The Best?

The thing “best” depends on one’s particular wants and preferences. If you choose the best single dose coffee grinder, it is essential to know what characteristics are must in the grinder to be best. Here are some characteristics that are a must in a single dose coffee grinder. 

Single Dose Coffee Grinder 

Grind Consistency

This is a very impactful factor. Your grinder should have grinding consistency. Any high-quality grinder produces uniform coffee particles. Whichever grinding setting you choose every time it should provide consistency and an even extraction.

Grind Range

Having a grind range is necessary too because you might not choose one brewing method every time. Different methods need different grind sizes: espresso needs fine grinding, French press or cold brew needs coarse grinding etc. So choose a grinder that allows you to pick any grinding size you need.

Minimal Grind Retention

One best grinder should retain as little as possible. In this case, zero retention coffee grinder is a good option as it has minimal retention. 

Build Quality

If you want the best grinder, find one that has durable materials. It can be stainless steel or high-grade plastics so that you can use it regularly without fear of ruining it.

Ease of Use and Adjustability

Any grinder you choose must be user-friendly. It should have features like adjusting the grind size. So, you can go for stepless adjustment which will provide you with infinite grind settings with precision.

Noise Level

It is another important thing to be concerned about the noise level. The electric grinders can be noisy which is disturbing for home environments. Suppose, someone is sleeping or reading or in a meeting and at that specific time your grinder starts to make loud noises. Isn’t it horrible? So, find a quiet grinder like Eureka Mignon Silenzio, which can be the best option.


Speed is an important factor for those who are willing to use the grinder at coffee shops or for commercial use. If you use it for commercial purposes, find a swift grinder. But as a regular home user, you can put priority on quality over speed.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can work easily and satisfyingly with a clean and well-maintained grinder. So, choose one which is easy to clean and maintain. It will also prolong the grinder’s work life. 

Aesthetic and Design

Some of us want an aesthetic look in our kitchen. If you are one of them, you might want a grinder that looks good and fits with your kitchen or coffee station. So, choose according to your aesthetic choice as you will get many options of designs.

Reviews and Reputation

For better insight, you can go through every top grinder’s reviews and check the brand’s reputation. Reviews are feedback from experts and even other regular users. This might help you to decide which one is the best grinder for you. So, check these characteristics before buying a single dose grinder. Match your requirements and product’s features to get the best single dose coffee grinder. 

Concerns Regarding Single Dose Coffee Grinder 

As you know, a single dose grinder can provide you with many benefits. Still, you should be aware of some concerns and potential drawbacks of this grinder. Let’s briefly discuss the concerns of it.

Concerns Regarding Single Dose Coffee Grinder 

Time Consumption

The single dose method is way more time-consuming than normal brewing as each time you can only use one single dose. So, if you have to make a large quantity of coffee within a limited time, choose any other grinder. 

Workflow Disruption

If you are new to single dose grinders, it will cause workflow disruption. Traditionally large hoppers are used, that’s why a single dose may seem to be a new process to you and disrupt your habit.

Inefficiency for Large Quantities

Suppose, there are many guests at your home and you need to grind a large amount of coffee. But your grinder can’t hold large amounts. So, this can be a mess because your single dose grinder does not have the capacity for large quantities. 


High-quality or premium single dose grinders are expensive. If you choose the electric ones, they are more costly than manual ones. If you want to avoid extra costs, you can go for manual single dose grinders. 

Durability Concerns

As we have discussed, there are many budget-friendly grinder options. But these budget-friendly grinders may not be long-lasting. So, if you are planning to use a grinder for a long time, check or ask for durability details. 

Static Issues

While grinding coffee, the coffee grounds sometimes stick to the grinder or scatter around because of static electricity (imbalance of electric charges). This is called the “static issue”. Some single dose grinders, especially the zero retention coffee grinder, produce more static issues. It may make your grinder or kitchen a mess.

Grinding Speed

Grinding speed is another important factor. Remember that manual single dose grinders are slower compared to electric ones. If you need fast grinding, better choose an electric grinder. It is essential to check out these concerns while considering a single dose coffee grinder. Your specific needs, preferences, and coffee habits will determine if it is the best single dose coffee grinder.


To wrap it up, we can say, we have described many types of single dose grinders including; single dose flat burr, zero retention coffee grinder, zero retention espresso grinder etc. We have mentioned the top most grinders’ names according to their types. But finding the best among these depends on your judgment. In the quest to find the best single dose coffee grinder, you have to know about the best features to look for and drawbacks to be aware of. So, prioritize quality, consistency, and precision along with your thoughts, comfort, preference and choice. Measuring all aspects, buy your favorite grinder, among the best single dose grinders and enjoy fresh coffee every time.

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