For a long time, I had this question in my mind I already have the coffee maker, why don’t I make tea with it? It shouldn’t be scary, so why was I feeling scared? Then I did a little research and found out the shocking truth. By the way, my research is not from random people, the research is from experts like baristas from giant coffee chain restaurants.

The answer is Yes, you can brew tea in a coffee maker. However, it might not taste that good. Just put tea bags or loose leaves in the same spot where you’d usually put coffee grounds. Use one cup of water for each tea bag or the same tea leaves. However, making tea in a coffee maker can be slow and the taste may not be great. It’s often better to use a kettle and a teapot for a better tea experience.

Steps to Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

Preparing Coffee Maker for Tea Duty

Start by removing filters and coffee grounds, and wipe the basket compartment.  And clean the carafe thoroughly. Use a mixture of vinegar and water (normal tap water)  and then rinse with clean water to eradicate all residuals.

Brewing Loose-leaf Tea

First measure the amount of tea that you want to brew, normally 1 teaspoon per cup is the optimal amount. Run the coffee machine as usual, and wait until your tea is at the perfect sipping temperature.

Tea Bags for Better Results

Tea bags offer slightly better results while making tea in a coffee maker. However, try to avoid low-quality tea bags if you don’t wanna ruin your tea flavour.

Be Careful About These

Quality water matters: quality water is essential to having good tea in a coffee maker.

The three T’s (Temperature, Time, Type): The type, temperature and time is the most important thing to be careful about brewing tea in a coffee maker. The type of coffee be it black, green or white there’s the specific temperature for that.

Boiling Points: be careful about the boiling point for each type of tea. If surpasses the boiling temperature the flavour may get bitter and you won’t have tea anymore. So, be careful about it.

Selecting a steeping vessel: The vessel in which you will steep tea is important, it contributes to the taste. Whether a teacup, teapot, french press or coffee maker each vessel has its pros and cons. Also, remember to cover your tea while steeping to preserve the essential oils and aromas.

Why you shouldn’t Brew Tea in a Coffee Maker

First and foremost you need to know why you shouldn’t brew tea in a coffee maker. Firstly, typical coffee makers heat water almost to boiling, while many teas, like black and herbal teas, require slightly lower temperatures for optimal brewing. Oolong tea should be brewed around 10 to 15 degrees below boiling, and green or white tea even cooler. 

Problem with the Steeping Time

Using a regular coffee machine doesn’t allow for controlling the tea steeping time before releasing the water into the carafe. This becomes a significant issue, especially for loose-leaf teas that require a specific steeping duration. 

Inadequate steeping leads to a weak and bland cup while steeping for too long results in bitterness. If you still wish to use a coffee maker for tea, you can employ tea bags or loose leaves. Consider using tea bags as the best choice among all choices.

Issues with Water Temperature

Coffee makers usually heat the water below the boiling temperature. Which is optimal for coffee brewing, however for tea it’s not the same. Well, if you want black tea then the coffee maker’s temperature is fine. To make green tea or white tea you need to boil the water, which means boiling it above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the tea doesn’t taste the best as the coffee maker cannot cope with so many varying temperatures.

Intense Cleaning Process

To brew tea in a coffee maker, you must go through an intense cleaning process to eliminate all the coffee residues. All the coffee grime must be eradicated with white vinegar & hot water. This cleaning is not an easy thing to do, it is a hassle.

Tea Recommendation

Even though tea should be brewed in the traditional teapot, not in a coffee maker. If you still do want to make tea in a coffee maker, I have some recommendations for you. 

English Breakfast Tea: It has a robust and full-body flavour, it is a classic choice that pairs well the coffee makers.

Chamomile Tea: This is a herbal tea, and it has amazing calming characteristics. If you want to make tea in a coffee maker then this might be a good choice.

Geen tea: It has a fresh and slightly vegetal taste, it is also a great option for brewing in a coffee maker. The lower brewing temperature of green tea aligns well with the coffee maker’s capabilities.

Earl Grey Tea: It is a blend of black tea and bergamot oil, it brings a citrusy and aromatic flavour. The bold flavour of black tea stands up well to the coffee maker, producing a satisfying cup.

Peppermint tea: It is a herbal tea that works seamlessly with a coffee maker. Its bold menthol flavour is released effectively during the brewing process.


Making tea in a coffee brewer is not the best choice you want to make. I encourage you to make tea in the traditional way, which will keep the flavours of your tea. However, if you are really in need of making tea in a coffee maker then this article has it all. From things to avoid, to how to make tea, to recommendations for the best tea. I hope this article was helpfultor you.


Q1: Can I really use a coffee maker to brew tea?

Absolutely! Many coffee makers can be repurposed to brew tea. It’s an adaptable tool that can help your tea-making journey.

Q2: Will my tea taste like coffee if I use a coffee maker?

Not necessarily. While there might be a hint of coffee flavour if the machine hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned. Choosing the right tea and ensuring a clean environment minimizes this risk.

Q3: Do I need to adjust the settings on my coffee maker for tea?

Yes, it’s recommended to adjust settings based on the type of tea you’re brewing. For example, lower the temperature for green tea and adjust steeping times accordingly.

Q5: What types of tea work best in a coffee maker?

Loose-leaf teas and certain bagged varieties work well. Green tea, herbal blends like chamomile or peppermint, and black teas such as Earl Grey are great options.

Q6: Can I use flavoured teas in a coffee maker?

Yes, flavoured teas can be brewed in a coffee maker. Just be mindful that strong artificial flavours may remain, so it’s a good idea to clean the machine thoroughly afterwards.

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