If you love coffee but want to avoid milk, you are in the right spot. In such cases, you can choose coffee brewed without milk

How to make coffee brewed without milk? Well, you have to take coffee grounds and water. Brew your coffee as always whether with hot or cold water. Don’t add any milk or dairy products. Instead, use other milk alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, etc. We’ll discuss these in the later part. This is how you can make coffee without milk. It is commonly known as black coffee.

In this article, we have provided simple and easy steps to make coffee without milk. To make the process easier, we have discussed different types of black coffee and mentioned their coffee-to-water ratios. 

Then, we have presented the substitutes for milk in coffee which are quite interesting and tasty. Also, you can find our suggested brands for good quality black coffee. Moreover, we have mentioned the benefits you can get by drinking this coffee. At last, we have provided a short and simple recipe for coffee without milk, so that you can quickly learn the process.

Simple And Easy Recipe for Coffee Brewed Without Milk

Suppose you do not want to consume milk or dairy products. How will you make your coffee? Here we are providing an easy and simple recipe for coffee brewed without milk or black coffee. 

Simple And Easy Recipe for Coffee Brewed Without Milk 


  • Coffee beans (Coarsely ground)
  • Hot water 
  • Milk alternatives if you want (Like almond milk, soy milk, cinnamon, maple syrup etc)
  • Sugar, honey, or other sweeteners (Optional)
  • Flavorings (Optional)

Steps To Follow 

Here, you can choose any method like Drip-brewing, Pour-Over method, French press method or brew in an espresso machine normally.

Measurement and Preparation: Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee for every 6 ounces of hot water. If you want to make your coffee stronger, adjust the amounts accordingly.

Pre-wet the Filter (For Drip or Pour-Over Method): If you are using the Drip method or Pour-over method, take hot water to wet the filter. It will help you get rid of any unpleasant smell.

Brew: Add coffee grounds and hot water to your coffee maker. In the pour-over method, you need to pour hot water over coffee grounds in a circular motion. After putting in your coffee grounds and water, let it brew for about 4 to 6 minutes.

Filter or Push the Plunger: If you choose the drip or pour-over method, filter your coffee after brewing. If you choose the French press method, after brewing slowly push the plunger down.

Pour and Serve: Pour your extracted coffee into a cup. You can add sugar, honey, or other sweeteners you like. Add flavorings to make it more interesting. If you want a milk-like taste in your coffee, add any milk alternatives. This is how your coffee brewed without milk is ready to serve and enjoy. 

The recipe is the same for all the methods, but the ratio of water varies depending on the type of coffee. However, the most preferable is to experiment with the water ratio to find out the perfect cup for you. Here we have a chart that might help you to understand how the water ratio creates the difference in flavor and taste.

N.B. Remember the process to brew coffee without milk is the same for every method. Brew the coffee first, and add milk(or other options) later.

Different Coffee Without Milk Options 

You can try different types of coffee without milk. The brewing method and coffee-to-water ratio are different for different types of coffee. Here, we are presenting a table of coffee brewed without milk options.

Different Coffee Without Milk Options

Types of Coffee  Brewing Method  Coffee-to-Water Ratio (in grams) Brief Descriptions 
Black Coffee Drip Brewing 1:15 to 1:18  The classic taste of coffee
Americano Espresso with more hot Water Adjust according to your taste Diluted espresso,

Provides a milder taste than espresso. 

Pour-Over Pour-Over 1:16 to 1:17 The soft and delicate flavor
French Press French Press 1:15 to 1:17 Rich flavor
Cold Brew Cold Brewing (Steeping or soaking in cold water for 12 to 24 hours) 1:7 to 1:8 Smooth and low-acidic coffee
Espresso Through Espresso Machine 1:1 Strong and bold coffee
Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee Pot Varies Aromatic and strong coffee
Aeropress Aeropress Varies Flavorful coffee
Chemex Chemex Pour-Over 1:15 to 1:17 Aromatic and rich coffee 
Siphon Coffee Vacuum Siphon Brewer Varies Unique taste
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Drip brew with a touch of Condensed Milk Adjust according to your taste Sweetened flavor
Moka Pot Stovetop Percolator Varies Rich flavors,

Similar to Espresso.

Alternatives or Substitutes For Milk In Coffee

Suppose, you want to avoid milk but love the milk and coffee combination. What will you do? There’s an interesting solution for you. You can use the substitute for milk in coffee. There are many non-dairy alternatives.

Alternatives or Substitutes For Milk In Coffee

Substitutes or Alternatives For Milk  Brief Descriptions 
Almond Milk Almond milk is the most popular non-dairy option instead of milk. It can provide a sweet and nutty taste to your coffee. It is quite healthy as well.
Soy Milk Soy milk comes from soybeans or soy proteins. It can make your coffee creamy and tasty.
Coconut milk Coconut milk has a fresh flavor of coconut. You can add it to your coffee for a refreshing flavor and creamy texture.
Oat Milk This tastes creamy and slightly sweet. 
Cashew Milk Another milk substitute with a nutty flavor is Cashew Milk.
Sunflower Seed Milk Most people do not know or use this. But it can give your coffee a mild and smooth flavor. 
Quinoa Milk It is a gluten-free substitute. Gluten is a protein that you can find in wheat, barley, etc.
Pistachio Milk You can get a unique taste by adding Pistachio milk to your coffee. 

Besides these milk substitutes, you can try other variations. Let’s check out these mouthwatering ways to get coffee brewed without milk.

Mouthwatering Alternatives for Brewed Coffee without Milk

Butter Coffee or Bulletproof Coffee: This is a famous coffee that provides energy. You may know it as Bulletproof Coffee. You need not use any kind of dairy milk in it. It is a combination of black coffee and grass-fed butter. Your coffee will be creamy and tasty by using this butter. It is an amazing option to try.

Coffee with Cinnamon or Cardamom: If you like spicy taste, you can pick this option. Cinnamon or cardamom are spices that we use in our daily lives. But try to combine it with your espresso or black coffee. It can be a great alternative to dairy options.

Vanilla Extract or Maple Syrup: You can add a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee. It will make your coffee aromatic and provide a sweet taste. Moreover, Maple syrup also brings sweetness. You can try it to make your coffee taste unique.

Mint Extract or Orange Zest: Mint extract or orange zest can make your coffee refreshing and aromatic. If you like the combination of coffee with mint or orange zest, then you can try it.

Coconut Cream: This is an interesting and yummy option. For this, get some coconut meat and blend it. You can strain this for a smooth texture and make a creamy consistency.

Then, add it to your coffee. It can be a great substitute for milk. You might love the smooth and rich texture of your coffee with coconut cream.

Comparison Between Coffee With Milk And Without Milk

We have already discussed how to make coffee brewed without milk. But what are the differences between coffee with milk and without milk? There would be some differences in taste and texture. Let’s go through the differences for a better understanding. 

Different Coffee Without Milk Options

Basis Coffee With Milk Coffee Without Milk 
Flavor  The creamy and sweet flavor  Strong and bold flavor ,

The flavor can be sweet, nutty or others based on milk alternatives.

Texture Smooth and creamy texture Intense and clean texture 
Color The color tends to be lighter,

The whitening effect of Milk makes it look lighter.

Darker and more concentrated color.
Strength of Caffeine  Milk makes the coffee milder,

So, the caffeine feels milder too.

Coffee without milk provides the full strength of caffeine. 
Variety Lattes, Cappuccinos, Flat whites etc. Espresso, Americano, Drip brew, Pour-over etc.
Acidity Level  Lower acidity  Higher acidity
Calories  Higher Lower

Brands Offering Coffee Without Milk 

We have already mentioned how you can make coffee without milk. But is there any brand that offers coffee brewed without milk? Yes, many such brands are offering different types of coffee without milk. 

Brands Coffee Brewed Without Milk 
Starbucks  Offers different black coffee options,

Americano, Brewed Coffee, etc.

Offers non-dairy milk alternatives too (almond, soy, and coconut milk, etc).

Peet’s Coffee They offer espresso-based coffee,

Drip Coffee and Pour-Over are famous.

Blue Bottle Coffee Offers different black coffee options,

Like drip and pour-over.

Intelligentsia Coffee This brand also has a variety of black coffee options,

Pour-over, drip brews are famous. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Offers hot and iced black coffee.
Death Wish Coffee Strong and bold black coffee.
Stumptown Coffee Roasters Renowned brand,

Offers bold single-origin coffees.

Counter Culture Coffee Offers different types of black coffee. 
Tim Hortons Famous for Drip coffee, Americano, etc.
La Colombe Coffee Roasters Their Draft lattes, Americanos, and various drip brews are tasty and loved by many people. 

Here, we are presenting a chart showing the ranks of the most popular brands for coffee without milk.

a chart showing the ranks of the most popular brands for coffee without milk.

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Without Milk

Coffee brewed without milk can be beneficial for your health. Many benefits you can get by avoiding the dairy milk in your coffee. Have a look at the following points to learn the potential benefits. 

Low Calories Intake: As this coffee has no added milk, it has a lower level of calories. For those who want to lose weight or reduce calorie intake, coffee without milk can help them. You can drink coffee and still manage your calorie intake easily.

Low Sugar Intake: Compared to any coffee with milk or sweetened coffee, it has a low level of sugar. If you want to reduce sugar intake, try this coffee without milk.

Rich and Strong Flavors: Coffee without milk or black coffee has a rich and strong flavor. It can make you feel refreshed and awake. By adding any of the milk alternatives, you can make it more tasty and flavorful.

Less Lactose: Lactose is generally one kind of sugar. You may find it in milk and other dairy products. Some of us may have lactose intolerance. Consuming lactose may turn into stomach ache and discomfort. So, black coffee is good in this way, as it has less lactose in it.

Versatile Options for Brewing: Black coffee can be brewed in many different ways as we have mentioned earlier. For example drip brewing, pour-over, French press method, etc. Also, this coffee will allow you to customize it how you like. You can experiment with any of the milk alternatives and enjoy your coffee.


To sum up, we can say that coffee brewed without milk is quite popular. We can easily make it on our own. You can follow our recipe to make a yummy cup of coffee. Check the list of milk alternatives we have mentioned. Any of the options can make your coffee aromatic and flavorful. Moreover, we have suggested some famous brands and their black coffee offerings. You can choose from these too. For any coffee recipe and further information, you can check our websiteCoffee Mart Blog anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are coffee without milk and Black coffee the same?

Yes, both coffee without milk and black coffee are the same. It normally indicates coffee without milk or any dairy-based products. It is one of the strongest coffee with bold flavors.

Can I use vanilla or chocolate flavor in black coffee? 

Yes, you can customize your black coffee however you want. Vanilla extracts, chocolate flavor, maple syrup, honey or anything you like can be added. We have provided many interesting options to enhance the taste of black coffee. We can check it if you want.

Does coffee without milk have more caffeine? 

As coffee without milk or black coffee is pure coffee extract without any dairy products, it tends to be stronger than any other coffee. That’s why coffee without milk has more caffeine in it.

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