Do you rely on coffee to boost your morning? Well, if you do rely on coffee to boost your everyday morning then I have an important notice for you. Too much caffeine can have side effects and might lead to headaches, irritability, anxiety and addiction. Now here comes a better alternative, and it’s cacao. 

So, can cacao be used as an alternative to coffee? Yes, it can. Can you brew cacao in a coffee maker? Yes, you can.  Cacao can be brewed in a coffee maker, and it is not that hard, and it doesn’t break anything. Let’s move on to the details of how to brew cacao in a coffee maker and why you should use cacao. First, we’ll focus on why you should use cacao as an alternative then we’ll move on to the brewing process.

Why Cacao is the New Coffee

Other than the delightful taste, cacao has a ton of impressive health benefits. It can help with cardiovascular support and respiratory health. It is a complete package, and you know what’s the best part? has lower caffeine content, and it can be a great alternative for people who want to quit caffeine. It ensures a steady energy flow throughout the day. According to the historians, cacao wasn’t just a beverage back in the day. It was used to enhance mood and energy too. Many cultures celebrate with cacao in joyous and ritual occasions.

Four Reasons to Choose Cacao Over Coffee

Cacao Over Coffee

1. Theobromine’s Natural Boost

Theobromine in cacao offers a grounded energy source without the jittery effects on the cardiovascular system. It provides energy without any notorious headaches, making it a win-win for your well-being.

2. Steady energy throughout the day

Cacao doesn’t have these highs and lows, it gives a stable energy flow. This means no crashing, no burning, just sustained energy that keeps you going without any roller coaster ride. I prefer this personally, it helps me stay energized for a longer period.

3. Cognitive enhancement with PEA

PEA or phenylethylamine is found in cacao and it plays a crucial role in cognitive function. It contributes to high alertness, improved concentration and enhanced memory. Studies showed that cacao has a positive impact on cognitive performance.

4. Historical significance

Cacao was introduced to Europe by Columbus and it has a rich tradition. Cacao was used as an entertainer, and mood enhancer throughout history. Many cultures or indigenous people still use cacao-related beverages on their cultural and religious occasions.

Health Benefits Comparison: Coffee vs. Cacao

This might be extremely helpful for people who are concerned with their health. We will discuss the health benefits of this cacao in this part. So, if you do not care about your health and wish to die sooner then you can skip this part.

Coffee vs. Cacao

1. Nutritional Superiority of Cacao

If we talk about nutritional value, then cacao surpasses coffee. Cacao provides a natural absorbable source of iron. Iron is crucial for maintaining energy levels and preventing stress.

2. Magnesium for the Nervous System Calming

Magnesium which is found extensively in cacao plays a vital role in calming the nervous system. This magnesium content in cacao helps in relaxation and alleviating stress. Whereas coffee promotes jitteriness and sometimes stress too.

3.Fibre – Rich Composition

Cacao has fibres present in it, and it is helpful for digestion. Fiber promotes regular bowel movements, contributing to a healthy gastrological system.

4. Antioxidant Power of Cacao Beans

Cacao has antioxidant content in it which combats a type of stress in the body. Coffee also contains antioxidants, but cacao is better at delivering a more active dose of these antioxidant contents.


If you are someone who seeks a late-day beverage without the drawbacks of coffee, cacao can be a great alternative. It is rich in nutrition combined with the absence of caffeine side effects. This is why we call cacao an excellent alternative to coffee.

How to Make Cacao

There are many methods of brewing cacao, and here I have discussed a few of them. Before starting with the brewing method let me go through the common mistakes of making cacao.

Common Mistakes

Bitterness Woes: Adjust the water temperature to just below the boiling temperature to prevent an overly bitter taste.

Watery Brew: Extend the steeping time for a more intense and less watery flavour.

Cremer Harmony: use creamers to add a creamy balance without comprising the unsweetened essence.

Sweeting Naturally: Try to use natural sweeteners to maintain the purity of cacao if you desire more sweetness.

French Press Bliss method

Step 1: Measure & Infuse: Begin your Crio Bru(cacao) adventure with a French Press. Measure out ½ cup of the rich Brewed Cacao into a 32oz or 34oz French Press.

Step 2: Infusion Ritual: Pour boiling water into the French Press, and with a gentle stir, begin the infusion process.

Step 3: Patient Steeping: Allow the Brewed Cacao to steep for nearly 10 minutes. Stir occasionally to ensure a symphony of flavours.

Step 4: Plunge & Indulge: One to two minutes before plunging, give it one last stir. Then, with a satisfying depress of the plunger, unveil the magic. Pour, and let the enjoyment begin!

Step 5: Personalize Your Bliss: You can elevate your experience by adding creamer, almond, and soy, along with sweetener, if you want sweet.

Coffee Maker Magic

Coffee Maker Magic

Step 1: Golden Ratio: Start the day right with Crio Bru in your Coffee Maker. Add ½ cup of the divine brewed cacao into the gold tone filter (no paper filters) for a 32 oz pot.

Step 2: Liquid Alchemy: Add 32 oz of water, setting the brewer to “1-4 cups” and/or “slow/bold” for a magical alchemy of flavours.

Step 3: Pour & Imbibe: As the brew transforms, pour into your cup and savour the enchantment.

Step 4: Tailored Elegance: Customize your experience with creamer, almond, soy, or coconut milk, and sweeten to perfection.

Pour Over Poetry

Step 1: Filter Symphony: Make your Pour Over coffee like a pro by putting the filter in the brewer. Make sure the side with the single fold is opposite the spout.

Step 2: Precise Pour: Add ½ cup of brewed cacao, then slowly introduce boiling water, orchestrating a symphony of flavours.

Step 3: Elegance in Simplicity: Serve and enjoy the artistry of pour-over perfection. Enhance with creamer, almond, soy, or coconut milk and sweetener if desired.

Percolator Simplicity

Step 1: Water’s Embrace: Embrace simplicity with the Percolator method. Begin by adding 32 oz of water.

Step 2: Cacao Fusion: Add ½ cup of Crio Bru® brewed cacao and let the brew commence.

Step 3: Brew Magic: Allow the percolator to work its magic, then serve and relish in the uncomplicated joy.

Step 4: Personal Touch: Elevate your experience with creamer, almond, soy, or coconut milk, and your favourite sweetener.

Stove-top Symphony

Step 1: Chamber Harmon: Create a Stove-top Espresso masterpiece by adding 16 oz of water to the lower chamber of your 6-cup maker.

Step 2: Cacao Infusion: Introduce ½ cup of Crio Bru brewed cacao, let it brew, and heat on the stovetop until it boils.

Step 3: Stir & Serve: Stir, serve, and savour the rich flavours. Customize with creamer and sweetener to suit your taste.

Iced Elevation

Step 1: Icy Temptation: Brew according to instructions, refrigerate to chill, or brew at double strength and pour over ice.

Step 2: Creamy Addition: If you desire, you add almond, or coconut milk and your favourite sweetener to make your cacao sweeter.

Step 3: Icy Gratification: Serve and relish the icy gratification of this delightful iced experience.


There is also a simple brewing guide for cacao. This we provided because this cacao is one of the most popular in the country. So you can try this as a first-timer. Always remember freshness is the key to flavours.

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