Many of us love cold brew coffee in any weather. It can be a comforting drink for us. Suppose you have cold brew coffee in your home and you are craving some warm coffee. What will you do? In such cases, can you heat up cold brew coffee?

Well, you can heat up your cold brew coffee by using a microwave or on the stovetop. But you should not bring it to a boil because it might affect the taste of the coffee. Heating up the cold brew is nothing but a personal choice. You can always make hot coffee instead of warming up the cold one.

Cold Brew Coffee and Its Preparation 

Let’s take a quick review of Cold brew coffee and its preparation, then you can decide whether “can you warm up cold brew coffee?” or not. Cold brew coffee is normally brewed in cold water or soaked in cold water for a long time. Many coffee lovers love it for its unique taste and flavors.

Cold Brew Coffee


  • Coffee beans (Coarsely ground like breadcrumbs; medium in size)
  • Cold or room-temperature water
  • Sweeteners, milk, cream, or any kind of toppings (Optional).

Making process 

  1. Take coarsely ground beans and cold or room-temperature water. You can keep the ratio of coffee to water at 1:4 or 1:5.
  2. Give it a stir and make sure all the coffee grounds are covered with water.
  3. Then cover the jar and let it soak for about 12 to 24 hours. Keep the jar in the refrigerator during this period. 
  4. After this time, take out the jar and filter the coffee grounds from the coffee extract.
  5. Add milk, ice or sweeteners as your preference. This is how your cold brew coffee is ready to drink.

Why You Might Want / Need to Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee?

You can make warm coffee anytime with a simple recipe. Check our website “Coffee Mart Blog” for any coffee-making recipe or equipment you might need for coffee. Can you heat up cold-brew coffee? Yes, you can; but the thing is, why you might need to heat up the cold brew coffee as it is possible to make hot coffee directly. Let’s check out the reasons behind heating up.

Why You Might Want / Need to Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee?

Versatility: You can enjoy the versatility by heating up your cold brew coffee. It will provide you with an amazing option to switch between hot and cold coffee. You can also serve both hot and cold coffee with only one cold brewing. 

Convenience: Suppose, you prepared cold brew coffee and kept the leftover coffee in the refrigerator. The next morning you are craving warm coffee. What will you do? Obviously in such a case, heating up the cold brew coffee will be a convenient and quick solution for you.

Preferences: Many individuals prefer the unique flavor and taste of cold brew coffee. So, they prefer to warm up the cold brew to experience the taste.

Seasonal Demand

In cold freezing weather or rainy weather, we prefer warm beverages more than cold ones. To feel cozy and warm, you can heat up your cold brew coffee.


If you want to explore the flavors and love to do experiments, heating up the cold brew coffee can be interesting to you. It offers you a great source of experimentation along with the warm flavor of the coffee.

How to Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee? 

We were discussing, “Can you heat up cold brew coffee?”. As mentioned earlier, you can warm up the cold brew coffee. But do you know how? There are many methods to heat up the coffee. Let’s go through the entire process of heating up.

Choose a Method: There are some common methods for warming the cold brew. You can choose any of them according to your preference and the availability of equipment. The popular methods include:

  1. Microwave Method
  2. Stovetop Method 
  3. Water Bath Method 
  4. Steam Wand Method 

Pour and Dilute: Pour your cold brew coffee into a container. Pick a container which is heatproof. If needed, dilute it with water or milk.

Go With The Chosen Method: Let’s check out how you can execute each method in the following table. 

Heating Method  Instructions 
Microwave Method Put the cold brew-filled heat-proof container into a microwave.

Heat it with pauses in between and stir it while pausing.

Do not bring the coffee to a boil.

Stovetop Method Put the container over a stovetop and keep the heat low to medium. 

Stir in between. 

Do not bring the coffee to a boil.

Water Bath Method Get a big bowl and hot water in it and place your coffee-filled container in it so that it partially goes under the hot water.

This will heat up the coffee slowly. 

Steam Wand Method Steam wand is actually one kind of metal tube that releases steam and is found in espresso machines

You can apply steam directly and evenly to your cold-brew coffee and warm it up.

Monitor the Temperature and Serve: To get the aromatic flavor, avoid boiling or overheating the coffee. Check the temperature of your chosen method. When the coffee gets warm, serve and enjoy the hot and cozy cup of coffee. 

5 Things to Keep in Mind (Important Aspects while Heating Up Cold Brew Coffee)

It is important to keep in mind some important aspects while you are heating up the cold brew coffee. If you follow these things, your coffee will taste fresh and aromatic.

Important Aspects while Heating Up Cold Brew Coffee

Temperature: Always check the temperature of your coffee for any heating method. Remember, it’s only a warming-up process. Don’t boil the coffee or overheat it. High temperatures can make your coffee bitter and flavors may not be the same.

Timing: Checking on the time is really crucial. If you heat the coffee in low to moderate range but for a long time, the taste of the coffee will be affected. You may get a bitter, unpleasant smell and taste in your coffee.

Equipment: Always choose a heat-proof container for heating up the cold brew coffee. For any method you choose, the container of the coffee should be safe to heat. Otherwise dangerous incidents can occur and you may ruin your equipment.

Storage: If you are using leftover cold brew coffee, make sure it is stored properly. The leftover coffee should be stored in a container in the refrigerator. Don’t use the leftover coffee if it is stored at room temperature for long periods.

Our Recommendations of Alternative Options for Heating Up Cold Brew Coffee

Here are some recommendations for alternative options. If you want to explore something without heating up the cold brew coffee, you can check these out.

Recommendations of Alternative Options 
Warm and Cozy Options Reason Why You Should Try It
Pour-Over Coffee Holds control over brewing time and water temperature,

Cozy and flavorful. 

French Press Coffee Robust and full-bodied brew. 
Aeropress Coffee Provides a quick and versatile method. 
Moka Pot Coffee Strong and aromatic coffee. 
Espresso  Intense and concentrated coffee. 
Turkish Coffee Strong coffee in a traditional method.
Drip Coffee Convenient and consistent brew.
Cool and Refreshing Options  Reason Why You Should Try It
Iced Cold Brew Refreshing and chilled coffee.
Cold Brew Cocktails Combination of mixed flavors.
Cold Brew Concentrate Versatile base for any coffee.
Cold Brew Smoothie A smooth blend of coffee with fruits and yogurt. 

You can heat up cold brew coffee but if you want check out these mouthwatering options. For any detailed process, you can check our website “Coffee Mart Blog”. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can heating cold brew coffee affect the flavor? 

Heating the cold brew coffee affects the flavor. Sometimes it is not too much and sometimes it brings different yummy tastes. But overheating makes the coffee taste bitter.

What else can I use to heat up the cold brew coffee beside the microwave?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can use a stovetop, water bath method or steam wand method to warm up your coffee along with a microwave. All these methods can effectively warm up your coffee.

Is it necessary to dilute cold brew coffee before heating up?

You can dilute the coffee with milk or water; whichever you like. It is not necessary always. If you have concentrated cold brew then you can dilute it. Basically, it is a personal preference whether to dilute it or not.

What are the differences between heated-up cold brew coffee and regular hot coffee?

Here’s a table showing the differences.

Basis Heated Cold Brew Coffee  Regular Hot Coffee 
Brewing Process  Brewed cold,

Then heated.

Brewed in hot water. 
Flavor Smooth flavors Varied flavors
Acidity Lower Higher
Temperature while served Warm Hot

Which is the right / best temperature to warm up the cold brew coffee?

Generally, it is best to keep the temperature moderate (low to medium range). Keep an eye so that the coffee does not come to a boil. We recommend to keep the temperature within 60° to 71° Celsius or 140° to 160° Fahrenheit. 

Is it right to add milk or sweeteners to heated cold-brew coffee?

Of course, it is alright. You can customize your heated coffee however you want just like any other regular hot coffee. Add milk, sweetener, syrups, cream whatever you like. 


To sum up we can say, that heating up your cold brew coffee is normal and sometimes a convenient option for coffee. So, “Can you heat up cold brew coffee?” is not a confusion anymore. You can warm up your coffee and customize it as you want. As we have already mentioned, you can pick any of the heating processes (stovetop, microwave, steam wand and water bath) and the outcome will be effective. If you think you should try other options rather than warming up, try our recommendations. For any other coffee-related queries, rely on the website “Coffee Mart Blog”.

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