As coffee is one of the most popular beverages, most of us love to drink it on a regular basis. You might love to experiment with your coffee. There are many traditional ways of brewing coffee. But trying something exceptional is always fun. You may think, what happens when you brew coffee with coffee, cinnamon or even cold water? Let’s find out interesting ways of brewing and its effects. 

Brewing coffee with coffee actually means a double brewing process. When you use already brewed coffee for brewing, this is the double brewing process. It makes your coffee stronger and bitter. Brewing coffee with coffee simply overpowers the taste of your coffee. Brewing coffee with cinnamon creates an exceptional taste of spiced coffee. On the other hand, brewing with cold water can result in cold soothing coffee.

In this article, we have discussed many brewing options briefly and explained the outcomes of brewing coffee with coffee, cinnamon and cold water. We have also shared some tips and tricks for brewing and suggested some brands for brewed coffee.

Various Ways You Can Brew Your Coffee (Different Brewing Styles)

Did you get bored with your regular boring coffee? Do you want to try something special? Here are some exciting ways to brew your coffee. These experimentations can bring change to your regular coffee schedule.

Different Brewing Styles Brief Descriptions 
Double Brewing (Brewing Coffee with Coffee) What happens when you brew coffee with coffee? This is the process of brewing coffee not with coffee grounds and water but with already brewed coffee. Take espresso or other brewed coffee and again brew it to intensify the taste.
Brewing Coffee with Cinnamon You can add cinnamon powder to your coffee while brewing. It will create a spicy aromatic flavor to your coffee. Also, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder over your brewed coffee. 
Brewing Coffee with Cold Water (Cold Brew Coffee) Brewing with cold water takes longer than hot brewing. You have to let the coffee grounds soak in water for 12 to 24 hours to get the essence of coffee.
Cardamom Coffee Cardamom is one kind of seed from a plant. It is a spice and most probably you have seen it. People use it in tea mostly. But brewing coffee with some pieces of cardamom creates a unique flavor. 
Affogato  This is a combination of espresso and vanilla-flavored ice cream. People usually love the rare combination. 
Coffee with Orange Zest This brings an exclusive orangish aroma to your coffee. If you like the orange flavor, you must try this one. 
Irish Coffee This is the combination of Irish whiskey and coffee. You can top it with whipped cream. It is actually a cocktail kind of drink.
Espresso over Lemon Peel If you like lemon, this one will match your taste buds. This is the combination of espresso and lemon peel for a rich aromatic flavor.
Turkish Coffee Here, the coffee is brewed in a special pot named cezve. It makes the coffee thick and strong.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee This coffee is made with drip-brewed coffee. The drip brewing method includes pouring hot water over medium-ground coffee and a filter separates the coffee extracts. 

This drip-brewed coffee is mixed with condensed milk and served over ice.

Aeropress Aeropress Brewing uses air pressure through the coffee grounds. It normally pushes the hot water through the grounds and extracts strong coffee.
Chemex Brewing Chemex is like the pour-over method. But it uses a paper filter. You can use this method for nicely filtered coffee.
Coconut Oil Coffee Coconut oil and coffee’s combination might sound weird. But it can make your coffee creamy and fluffy. Those who are on a keto diet (Low-carbohydrates and high-fat diet to lose weight) can have this coffee.
Japanese Iced Coffee This is an interesting process of brewing hot coffee and Pouring it directly over ice. It gives an amazing aroma and flavor.

5 Outcomes Of Brewing Coffee With Coffee

Now you know many interesting ways of brewing coffee. But when you say “brewing coffee with coffee”, it sounds a bit weird and grabs the attention. Actually brewing coffee with coffee indicates the double brewing process. You can use already brewed coffee instead of coffee grounds and water for brewing. But do you know what happens when you brew coffee with coffee? Let’s go through the following points to learn the outcomes of brewing coffee with coffee. 

Increased Intensity: As you already know, brewing coffee with coffee means using already brewed coffee for brewing. So it creates more intense and strong coffee than brewing with water. So, the intensity of the coffee increases and it may taste bitter.

Rich Flavors: The process of brewing coffee with coffee increases the intensity. So the flavor profile also changes. It creates bold and rich flavors. You can feel more energetic and awake by drinking this coffee.
Scope of Experimentations: This process allows you to experiment with your coffee. You can go for different customizations and add sugar, milk, syrups or other additives. That’s why it is exciting to experiment with this drink.

Bitterness: As this process is brewing the coffee twice, the coffee turns stronger. Thus the bitter taste rises. So, you should be concerned about the bitterness of your coffee.

Perfect Blending: Brewing coffee with coffee can offer you a perfect blend of flavors. The taste and strength of the first cup of coffee are enhanced in the second cup. You can get a bold and strong kick from it and awaken yourself.

5 Outcomes Of Brewing Coffee With Cinnamon 

Previously we have mentioned what happens when you brew coffee with coffee. But you must try other variations like coffee with different spices. Let’s learn what happens when you brew coffee with cinnamon.

Unique Flavor: Cinnamon is actually the bark (outer layer) of one kind of tree. It can be used as a spice in both sweet and spicy or savory dishes. Brewing coffee with cinnamon will give you a sweet and spicy taste.

Exclusive Aroma: Cinnamon is an aromatic spice with a sweet and spicy flavor. When you put it in your coffee and brew it, it creates a pleasant scent. It can make your coffee more inviting.

Balanced Bitterness: Brewing coffee with cinnamon can balance the bitterness of the coffee. The combination of coffee and cinnamon makes the entire taste of the coffee soothing.

Health Benefits: Cinnamon has many health benefits. It can take care of your heart health, better regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation etc. It also has cancer-fighting properties. So, brewing coffee with cinnamon can provide you with these benefits.

Creativity and Experimentation: Brewing with cinnamon can allow you to experiment with your coffee. It is exciting to taste the spicy notes with coffee.

5 Outcomes Of Brewing Coffee With Cold Water 

Brewing coffee with cold water actually means the cold brewing process. You can check our website “Coffee Mart Blog” to learn the detailed cold brewing process. So, what happens when you brew coffee with cold water? Here are 5 outcomes of brewing coffee with cold water. 

Less Acidic and Smooth Coffee: Brewing with cold water is a slow process and it brings out the mild and smooth taste. That’s why the level of acidity decreases.

Soothing Flavor: You can serve the cold brewed coffee over ice. On hot summer days or after a huge workload, this coffee can relax you. It takes a longer time to make but worth trying.

Long Shelf Life: You can store your cold brewed coffee in the refrigerator for a few days. It stays fresh and flavorful. So, you can enjoy the coffee without any hassle.

Low Caffeine Content: We all know coffee contains caffeine which is the element that keeps you energetic and awake. Normally coffee has 95 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. However, the extraction process and adding water or milk in cold brew coffee lowers the caffeine content.

Refreshing Customizable Coffee: Brewing coffee with cold water can result in refreshing cold coffee. You can easily customize it however you want. So, it gives you the opportunity to experiment.

Tips And Tricks

We have already mentioned the outcomes of “what happens when you brew coffee with coffee or cinnamon or cold water”. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks to brew your coffee perfectly. 

Brewing Coffee With Coffee 

  • Always select fresh and high-quality beans for your first brewing.
  • We suggest to take coarsely ground beans (Medium-sized)
  • Remember, brewing coffee with coffee will make your coffee bitter. If you like it this way you can enjoy it or else add any sweeteners. You can also try to dilute it with water or milk.

Brewing Coffee With Cinnamon 

  • Take cinnamon sticks and grind them just before brewing your coffee. Freshly ground cinnamon will be much more flavorful.
  • You can sprinkle some cinnamon powder over your brewed coffee for extra flavor.
  • If you want to use sweeteners, try using honey or maple syrup. These combine well with the cinnamon flavor. 

Brewing Coffee With Cold Water 

  • For cold brewing the steeping or soaking time is important. Wait at least 12 hours for mild flavor and 24 hours for strong flavor. 
  • Try serving the cold brew over ice. It tastes soothing and refreshing. 

Our Recommended Brands For Brewed Coffee With Coffee, Cinnamon And Cold Water

You can get any coffee recipe on our website Coffee Mart Blog. You can check and try those recipes. But if you don’t want to make coffee by yourself, try our recommended brands.

Type of Coffee  Recommended Brands 
Double Brew Coffee (Coffee Brewed with Coffee) Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Blue Bottle Coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee
Cinnamon Infused Coffee (Coffee Brewed with Cinnamon) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Java Factory
Cold Brew (Coffee Brewed with Cold Water) Chameleon Cold-Brew
Califia Farms
SToK Cold Brew  


To sum up we can say that experimenting with the brewing method can make our coffee more tasty and enjoyable. Now you know what happens when you brew coffee with coffee or cinnamon or even with cold water. We have also discussed other brewing options. You can pick any brewing method. For more clarification check our website “Coffee Mart Blog”. Moreover, you can try our suggested brands for brewed coffee. Enjoy your cold or iced coffee and keep experimenting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is double-brewed coffee and coffee brewed with coffee the same thing?

Yes, double-brewed coffee and coffee brewed with coffee are the same thing. This drink uses already brewed coffee instead of coffee grounds and water.

While brewing coffee with cinnamon, how much cinnamon should I use?

If you are trying cinnamon for the first time, start with using a pinch. The approximate amount is one-fourth teaspoon for each cup. But you can increase the amount if you are comfortable with the taste.

How to reduce the bitterness of double-brewed coffee? 

Brewing coffee with coffee will make your coffee bitter. If you like it this way you can enjoy it or else add any sweeteners to reduce the bitterness. You can also try to dilute it with water or milk

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