Coffee lovers love to explore different types of coffee. So do you? Then you might have tasted a coffee without milk. Do you know how to make it? Does it have any benefits or not? How does it stand out among all the other different flavors of coffee? These are the interesting thoughts that might run into your mind. Don’t worry, if you don’t know the answers. Here we will provide you with a clear view of black coffee.

Let’s get started with what coffee without milk is. It is basically “Black Coffee” which has no added milk. It is simply made of two ingredients only; water and coffee beans. You can experience a dark and bold taste by having this beverage. Many people choose this coffee to get the pure essence of coffee beans and a strong taste. It has caffeine which can make you feel energized and awake for a longer time. Dive in deep to learn more about coffee without milk. 

Recipe for Coffee Without Milk or Black Coffee 

Excluding milk from your diet? Or want bold flavors? Whatever your reason is, Black Coffee or coffee without milk can be your solution. You can make your own black coffee by following some easy instructions and with the least ingredients. Whether you like it hot or iced, both are possible to make.

Ingredients of Black Coffee 

  • Fresh coffee beans (or quality pre-ground coffee)
  • Cold water
  • Ice (for Iced Black Coffee)
  • Toppings (if desired)

Steps to Make Hot Black Coffee

Steps to Make Hot Black Coffee 

1. Preparation

Coffee Beans: If you take whole beans for your coffee, measure your desired amount first. A modest measurement can be 1 to 2 tbsp (tablespoon) of coffee ground for every 6 ounces of water. 

Grinding Time: If you are using pre-ground coffee, skip this step. But for whole beans, grind them to a medium consistency (like sea salt’s texture). 

2. Heat the Water

Take a pot and water in it. Heat the water until it boils. Then pause for 30 seconds to bring a perfect temperature. The target is between 195°F to 205°F (Fahrenheit) or 90°C to 96°C (Celsius).

3. Choose a Brewing Method

You can choose any of the following brewing techniques for your black coffee. 

Classic Drip Coffee Maker

Place the coffee grounds in the filter of your Drip coffee maker. Pour the preheated water into the machine. Activate the drip and let it brew the coffee.

French Press Method

Add coffee grounds to the French press and pour hot water over it. Ensure the coffee grounds are covered with water. Covering with the lid, you have to wait for around 4 minutes. Then slowly press the plunger or Press Pot down to get the coffee.

Pour Over Technique

Get a Pour Over device and put a filter in it. Add coffee grounds to the filter. Start pouring hot water slowly in small amounts to let the grounds bloom for 30 seconds. Gradually pour the remaining water over the grounds in circles.

The AeroPress Way

AeroPress has a place to put the coffee grounds in which is called a chamber. Put your coffee in it and add hot water. Then stir it and wait for 1 to 2 minutes to let it sit. Then press the plunger or Press Pot of the AeroPress. 

4. Sip and Enjoy

After brewing, pour the coffee into your cup and your coffee without milk is ready to enjoy. This is the basic black coffee but if you desire, you can add sweeteners or other toppings. 

Steps to Make Iced Black Coffee

Steps to Make Iced Black Coffee 

1. Strong Brew

While making iced black coffee, you need to brew your coffee a bit stronger. The ice in iced black coffee will reduce the coffee’s strong flavor. So, double up on your usual coffee amount for the iced version.

Instead of hot brewing, you can also try the cold brew method. In this process, you have to soak your coffee beans in cold water for 12 to 24 hours. Then strain the cold brew for your coffee.

2. Cool It Down

Cool down your brewed coffee by keeping it in the fridge. But what if you are in a hurry and there’s no time to cool it? In this situation, you can pour your brewed coffee directly over a glass full of ice. This will cool the coffee immediately.

3. Get Your Glass Ready

Put some ice cubes in a glass and pour your prepared coffee over it. Enjoy the icy strong coffee without milk. If you prefer, add sweetener (sugar, syrup or honey) or any toppings (cream, cocoa powder, or ice-cream scoop) you like.

Important Comparison Between Coffee With and Without Milk 

Coffee with milk and without milk will taste different. Their many other features are different. Let’s see a brief comparison of coffee with and without milk.

Features  Coffee with Milk Coffee without Milk (Black Coffee)
Taste Creamy,

Often milder due to milky twist 


Real coffee essence 

Calories  Higher calories due to the creamy addition of milk Lower calories,

Mostly has coffee’s natural calories

Flavor Profile  Smooth and mellow  Bold and robust
Texture  Rich and velvety Crisp and straightforward 
Color Lighter shades,

Beige to light brown

Dark brown or black 
Nutrient Boost  Calcium and other nutrients of milk,

Coffee’s natural antioxidants and compounds

Coffee’s natural antioxidants and compounds only
Digestion This might be problematic for individuals who are lactose-sensitive  Not problematic to digest normally
Caffeine  Same caffeine content, 

But might feel lighter due to the milk

Same caffeine content as pure coffee
Preparation Time  A bit longer due to the processing of milk Swift and easy

Milk Substitutes for Coffee Without Regular Milk

Do you want to drink coffee without milk but have the creamy pleasure of milk in your coffee? If so, you can try the substitutes of cow milk or regular dairy milk. Guess what, there are many milk alternatives. If you don’t want any kind of milk in your coffee, you can skip this. But to know the milk substitutes, go through the following table.

Milk Substitutes  Description 
Almond Milk  Crafted from ground almonds,

Creates sweet and nutty delight

Soy Milk  Made from soybeans,

Creamy and popular for frothing 

Oat Milk  Originated from oats,

Sweet and smooth consistency 

Cashew Milk  Made from blended cashews,

Mild and creamy texture

Coconut Milk Derived from coconut meat,

Tropical flavor with coconut essence 

Rice milk Produced from milled rice,

Light and sweet flavor 

Hemp Milk  Originated from hemp seeds,

A nutty and earthy flavor 

Macadamia Milk  Crafted from Macadamia nuts, 

Creamy and subtle texture 

Pea Protein Milk  Made from Pea Protein, 

Neutral taste with a creamy texture 

Flax Milk  Made from flax seeds,

Mild flavor with fatty acids (omega-3)

Hazelnut Milk  Produced from Hazelnuts,

Creamy Hazelnut flavor 

5 Benefits of Black Coffee 

Why are you interested in coffee without milk? Does it have any benefits? Well, it has many positive impacts, if consumed within moderation. Let’s find out the benefits of black coffee. 

Benefits of Black Coffee

1. Low in Calories

Black coffee does not add many calories. It only contains the regular amount of calories of the coffee which is not too much. So without the tension of gaining weight, you can have it.

2. Boosts Metabolism & Keeps Alert

This drink can speed up your metabolism by burning fat. Simply, it is a great choice for weight loss. So, you can add this beverage to your diet chart. Moreover, it will keep you alert and awake for longer holding your attention.

3. Rich in Antioxidants & Fights Diseases 

Black coffee is rich in antioxidants. It fights off harmful chemicals in our bodies. It also reduces the risk of some diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

4. Enhance Brain Functions & Heart Health 

As you know, Black coffee has caffeine which improves your mood, reduces reaction time, and sharpens memory and overall functions of the brain. Furthermore, black coffee consumption can reduce the risk of stroke. So, moderate consumption can keep your heart healthy. 

5. Lowers Depression & Improves Physical Performance 

This drink lowers the possibility of depression. It is said that black coffee reduces the chances of suicide. Caffeine increases stamina and strength in your body that’s why black coffee can keep up your physical performance as well.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Coffee Without Milk?

We have already discussed the numerous benefits of black coffee. But there are some harmful impacts of this beverage. If you over-consume or have any health issues, this coffee might affect you negatively.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Coffee Without Milk?

1. Insomnia 

Insomnia means a state where you can not sleep at night. Drinking a lot of black coffee will increase caffeine consumption. This caffeine will mess up your sleep cycle and cause insomnia in the long run.

2. Digestive Issues 

Black coffee is strong in nature. So it can be acidic and harsh on your stomach. Before it turns to an extreme level you should stop drinking it (only if you are sensitive to black coffee) or you can consult a doctor. 

Black coffee can be a bit harsh on some stomachs, causing acid reflux or even ulcers.

3. Mood and Heart Fluctuations

Coffee without milk can increase the heart rates or blood pressure for some individuals. It may create anxiety, nervousness, or restlessness. These are not suitable for everyone. So, check your health conditions before you drink too much black coffee. 

4. Dependency

Sometimes coffee lovers get addicted to black coffee. They can not think of surviving a day without having coffee. In this situation, if they try to stop this habit, they might experience severe headaches, irritation, and fatigue as well. 

5. Bone and Nutrient Concerns

Overdose of black coffee can slowly weaken your bones. It can mess with your nutrient absorption too. This will increase the risk of fractures. So be careful and follow the rule of coffee intake in moderation. 

6. Stains on Smiles

Have a pretty smile and pearly teeth? Be concerned because your favorite coffee can turn your teeth yellowish over time. Coffee contains Tannins which can lead to yellowing of the teeth. 

Remember, these reactions are different from person to person. It can vary according to genetics, tolerance of caffeine, other health issues, and sensitivities. So consume in moderation to be safe and consult a doctor if necessary. 

Consideration about Black Coffee (What to Keep in Mind)

There are a few important things you should keep in mind as a black coffee consumer. Let’s illustrate the considerations below in the table.

Considerations about Coffee Without Milk or Black Coffee  Insights
Caffeine Sensitivity  Caffeine affects different people differently. Know your level of sensitivity before drinking. 
Stomach Sensitivity  Black coffee can increase acidity in some individuals. So, drink cautiously and in moderation. 
Best Drinking Time  Drink earlier in the day whenever you prefer. Avoid drinking black coffee before sleep as it may disrupt your sleep cycle. 
Health Check  If you experience anxiety or heart concerns after drinking black coffee, consult with a doctor.
Stay Hydrated  With coffee consumption, drink a lot of water so that it does not dehydrate your body.
Quality Counts  Always use fresh, quality beans to make your coffee. It will provide you with the best coffee experience.
Listen to Your Body  Your body knows best what is right for you, that’s why listen to your body. Intake coffee depending on how you feel.

In essence, black coffee offers numerous benefits. But it has some issues related to health. So, it’s important to consider the above points before you drink black coffee. If it aligns with your body’s needs, you can have it without worrying. 


Coffee without milk or Black Coffee is the source of a pure authentic coffee experience. It gives us the pleasure of savoring the untouched essence of the coffee bean. It’s a great choice for people seeking pure essence and a calorie-free caffeine boost. It provides a unique flavor with the pleasure of simplicity of making.

Now you know how to make black coffee easily; be it hot or iced. You can taste its bold, intense flavor anytime at home. But make sure you consider a few things we have already discussed. Do not compromise your health for your drinking habit. If your body feels okay, then drink your favorite coffee. But always intake in moderation and enjoy every sip of your black coffee.

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