If you are a coffee lover, you must have tried different types of coffee. But are you finding any healthy options for coffee? We tend to pick either cold brew coffee or hot coffee in various flavors. But the making process is not the same for both. You may think, is cold brew healthier than hot coffee? 

Well, in general, both hot and cold brewed coffee have the same ingredients. Both of them offer similar benefits and similar disadvantages. But we can say cold brew is healthier compared to hot coffee. Cold brew coffee is less acidic, gentler and ice or other additives make the caffeine content lower. Considering these, you can count cold brew coffee as a healthier option.

In this article, we have compared hot and cold brewed coffee. Also, we have mentioned potential reasons why cold brew coffee is healthier and why hot coffee is not. You can find healthier options to pair up your coffee afterwards. At last, we have given a special alert to those who should avoid or minimize coffee consumption. 

Comparison Between Cold-Brew Coffee And Hot Coffee

Is cold brew healthier than hot coffee? To find this out, here we are presenting a comparison table. Here you will find the main differences between both hot and cold brewed coffee. It will be easier to decide which one is healthier if you go through the table below.

Aspects  Cold-Brew Coffee  Hot Coffee 
Method of Brewing Take coarsely ground coffee and cold or room-temperature water. Combine these and let them soak for 12 to 24 hours and filter them to get your coffee.

You can check out the brewing process from our website “Coffee Mart Blog”.

Brew finely ground coffee with hot water for about a few minutes and get your coffee.
Acidity Less acidic compared to hot coffee,

Offers a smooth and refreshing taste.

More acidic than cold brew coffee.
Caffeine Content Slightly higher, but ice or other additives make the caffeine content lower. Standard caffeine content (Generally 95 milligrams per 8-ounce cup)
Brewing Time Longer brewing time,

About 12 to 24 hours (For steeping or soaking).

Shorter brewing time,

About 4 to 6 minutes (Differs in different brewing methods).

Temperature You can serve it cold or over ice. Served hot.
Digestibility Gentle on the stomach as it is less acidic.  Harsh on the stomach as it is more acidic. 
Shelf Life Longer shelf life if you store it properly.  Short shelf life.
Bitterness Level Less bitter in its brewing method. More bitter than cold brew (though bitterness varies in different methods).
Popularity  Especially in hot weather or summer. All round the year.
Popular Varieties  Classic Cold Brew, 

Nitro Cold Brew, 

Cold Brew Latte, 

Concentrated Cold Brew, 

Flavored Cold Brew etc.




Cappuccino etc.

6 Potential Reasons Why Cold Brew Coffee is Considered Healthier?

We have already answered, is cold brew healthier than hot coffee? To some extent, it is healthier. But why are we considering it healthier? Obviously, there are some reasons behind it. Let’s take a look at why we consider cold brew coffee as a healthier option. 

1. Lower Acidity 

The brewing process of cold brew coffee is different from hot brewing. Cold brewing requires cold or room-temperature water for extraction. So, the coffee turns out smooth and mild. Thus the acidity level also comes down. As it has lower acidity, it will not harm your stomach (if you drink in moderation). So, you can call it healthy this way.

2. No Stomach Discomfort 

Cold brew coffee has low acidity and is mostly mild in nature. Moreover, we use ice or other additives like milk or water to it. This process makes it milder and lowers the caffeine content. So, if you drink this beverage, you will not experience any discomfort in your stomach.

3. Not Too Bitter

Hot brew coffee generally gives a bitter vibe. But cold brew coffee is brewed with coarsely ground beans and cold water. So, this extraction process lessens the bitterness of the coffee. Moreover, you can use ice or milk or other additives of your choice. That’s why we can say cold brew coffee is not too bitter. 

4. Controlled Caffeine Content 

As you know cold brewing requires cold or room-temperature water. So, the coffee turns out smooth and mild. Moreover, you can use ice or other additives like milk or water to it. This process makes it milder and lowers the caffeine content. This is how you can keep the caffeine level in control.

5. Hydrating 

Cold brew coffee is one of the most popular hydrating beverages. If you don’t use added sugar or creams, it can be a fun way to keep yourself hydrated.

6. Preservation of Antioxidants 

Do you know what Antioxidants are? Antioxidants are one kind of compound that are found in various foods and fruits we eat. These can help to minimize the cellular damage to our body and also support overall health. Some antioxidants are found in coffee too. The cold brewing process preserves those antioxidants which are beneficial for our body.

Why Is Hot Coffee Not Healthier? (4 Potential Reasons)

Is cold brew healthier than hot coffee? Yes, we consider it to be healthier. Though both hot and cold brew coffee is mostly similar, then why do we not consider hot coffee as a healthier option? What are the reasons behind it? Let’s check out the potential reasons below.

Sensitive to Stomach: We have already mentioned that hot coffee is more acidic than cold brew coffee. More acidity can create discomfort in your stomach. Also, people who are sensitive and have digestive issues will suffer more. So, hot coffee is not for sensitive stomachs. 

Bitterness: You can brew hot coffee in various methods. Mostly, dark-roasted and finely ground beans are used for hot coffee. For this reason, the coffee turns stronger. So, the bitterness is higher than cold brew coffee. But for those who like their coffee strong and bitter, it will be a great choice for them.

Caffeine Content: Regular hot coffee holds a standard level of caffeine. Generally, an 8-ounce cup includes around 95 milligrams of caffeine. If you are caffeine-sensitive, you should look for mild coffee options like cold brew coffee.

Impact of Additives: You can use many additives to your hot coffee like sugar, syrups, cream etc. These can harm your health and lead to weight gain or other diseases.

Recommended Brands For Both Cold Brew And Hot Coffee

As both the hot and cold brew coffee are kind of similar, you can drink it moderately unless you have any sensitivity. Here we are recommending some well-known and good-quality brands for both hot and cold brewed coffee.

Type of Coffee  Cold Brew Coffee Brands Hot Coffee Brands 
Local Brands Blue Bottle Coffee Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Specialty Brands  Grady’s Cold Brew Intelligentsia Coffee
Global Chain Brands La Colombe Coffee Roasters Starbucks
Organic Brands Chameleon Cold-Brew Allegro Coffee
Instant Coffee Brands  SToK Cold Brew Nescafe
Artisanal Roasters Verve Coffee Roasters Counter Culture Coffee
Small-Batch Brands  Slingshot Coffee Co. Heart Coffee Roasters
Classic Blend Brands High Brew Coffee Peet’s Coffee
Fair Trade Brands Rise Brewing Co. Equal Exchange
Concentrated Brands Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate Secret Squirrel
Single Origin Brands  Wandering Bear Coffee Blue Mountain Coffee

What Can You Eat Alongside Hot or Cold Brew To Make It Healthier?

Do not be tense about “Is cold brew healthier than hot coffee?”. Both of them are quite similar. So, you can rather try to pair it up with other foods that can balance with your coffee. This is how you can have coffee in a healthier way. Let’s take a look at the most healthy pairing-up options.

Pairing Up With Cold Brew Coffee 

Chia Pudding: Chia is one kind of seed from a plant. It is available in grocery shops. You can soak the Chia seeds overnight in almond milk. Next morning mix it with honey and any fruits you like. This is how you will get your Chia Pudding ready. It is a tasty option to pair up your cold brew coffee.

Protein Smoothie: Take protein powder and mix it with banana, spinach or other fruits you like. Give it a nice blend and get your nutritious protein smoothie ready.

Fruit Salad: Any type of fruit salad goes well with cold-brew coffee. Take fresh fruits of your choice. Cut it into pieces and add drops of honey. This can be very nutritious and healthy (without added sugar).

Pairing Up With Hot Coffee

Berries with Greek Yogurt: Greek Yogurt is yummy and rich in protein. Add Berries for natural sweetness with Greek yogurt and you are ready to go. This compliments well with hot coffee.

Oatmeal: This can be another healthy option to pair up hot coffee. It can give you energy and make you feel full.

Whole Grain Toast with Avocado: If you like Avocado, try this pair-up option. Add Avocado to your whole-grain toast. This tastes good with hot coffee. It is a healthy option for breakfast as well.

Special Alert (Who Should Avoid Hot or Cold Brew Coffee)

To some extent, cold brew coffee is healthier than hot coffee. Also, there are many healthy pair-up options for both hot and cold brewed coffee. But some sensitive people should minimize or avoid having both hot and cold brewed coffee. This is our special alert section for those people. Check out if you fall into any of these categories. 

Pregnant Women: Pregnancy is a crucial time and many difficulties may occur in this period. If you fall in this category try to avoid coffee as it has caffeine. It may lead to many complications.

People with Acid Sensitivity: Acid Sensitivity is marked as GERD. In medical terms, it indicates gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you are suffering from it, you should limit your coffee intake.

People with Sleeping Issues: This condition of having difficulty in sleeping is called Insomnia. People with this condition should avoid coffee at night as coffee has caffeine. Caffeine keeps you awake and makes you feel energetic.

People Under Medication: People who are under any kind of medication should watch out for their coffee-consuming habits. It may affect their health and may react with medicines.

People with Heart Diseases: Be it heart disease or any disease, you should be aware of taking caffeine. It will be wise to avoid or limit drinking coffee in such conditions.


To sum up, we can say both the hot and cold brew coffee is quite similar. But to some extent, we consider cold brew coffee as the healthier choice. So if anyone wants to know “Is cold brew healthier than hot coffee?”, we can say; yes, it is. Try our recommended brands for hot or cold brew coffee. You can also go for the pairing-up options we have suggested. It can make your coffee time yummy as well as healthy. So, enjoy your coffee in moderation and keep your health as the priority. For any queries regarding coffee, visit our website “Coffee Mart Blog”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one has more caffeine; hot coffee or cold brew coffee?

Cold brew has slightly more caffeine than hot coffee. Hot coffee has 95 milligrams of caffeine whereas cold brew has 100 to 120 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce. But ice and other additives like milk or water make the cold brew coffee mild and lessen the caffeine level. 

Can I add sweeteners to cold-brew coffee? 

Yes, you can add any sweeteners to your cold brew. Consider adding sugar, syrups, cream, honey etc. To learn more about the recipe for cold brew coffee, check our website “Coffee Mart Blog”.

Which one is better; coffee with additives or without additives?

It is all about your personal preference of how you like your coffee. But coffee without additives is considered healthier than coffee with additives. The reason is additives add lots of sugar to your coffee which is not healthy.

How to reduce the bitterness of my hot coffee? 

You can reduce the bitterness by adding milk or water to dilute it. You can try different brewing techniques which involve brewing coarsely ground beans. Try keeping the roasting level to medium. These can help to reduce the bitterness of your hot coffee.

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