If you have the budget and are serious about coffee, then go for the espresso machine. And if you are on a budget, and just starting the journey, or just for regular consumption, go for the coffee brewer.

Let’s guess, you are looking for this “coffee brewer vs espresso machine”. Well, you are at the right place, because here I will help you to choose the right coffee maker.

The coffee brewer is relatively easy to use, even beginners can operate it pretty well. Moreover, it can brew a variety of coffee styles, such as drip, pour-over, and french press.

Coffee Brewer vs Espresso Machine What We Recommend

On the other hand, espresso brewing machines produce strong, concentrated coffee. Provides many varieties of brewing methods, and has unlimited milk frothing. Moreover, it also allows the customization of the brewing process.

This is the superstitious comparison between a coffee brewer and an espresso machine. If you are still here reading this article, then I assume you are a true knowledge seeker and you deserve to know. Let’s dive deep into the comparison between these two.

Deciding your Machine: Coffee brewer or Espresso machine

Choosing your perfect cup is like looking for something on the safari, navigating different roads and methods. Here we will take you through the best two rivals in the brewing machine category: coffee brewer and espresso maker.

Coffee Brewer Types: Your daily dose of simplicity

Coffee Brewer Types Your daily dose of simplicity

  1. Drip Coffee Makers: these reliable machines are the best in simplicity. You have to just add coffee grounds, pour water, and let the maker take care of the rest. You will get a smooth, balanced cup with 80mg to 180mg of caffeine.
  2. French press: If you are an adventurous person, and like bold flavours. The French press is the best choice for you. It will give you a bold flavour with 95mg to 120mg of caffeine. 
  3. Pour-over method: this is a common type of brewing coffee in South Asian countries. This method uses hot water dancing over fine coffee grounds, extracting the flavour. It will deliver a precise cup with 80mg to 100mg caffeine.

Espresso Maker Types: Get Intensity with Flavour

Espresso Maker Types Get Intensity with Flavour

  1. Manual Espresso Machine: These machines will let you control every stem, from the grounds to the perfect shot. However, it takes practice and dedication to master this machine.
  2. Automatic Aces: This is a good option for you if you do not go through the learning curve. All you have to do is just fill the hopper, press the button and your coffee will be ready.  It will give you a 60mg of caffeine shot in every cup. You can think of it as your barista.
  3. Super Automatic Symphonies: These machines are the rockstar of the espresso machine category, they will take care of everything from grinding to getting the cup ready for you. Just sit back, and order it to create a barista-level cup of coffee, and it will give you that. 

Cost Comparison: Coffee Brewers vs Espresso Machines

Let’s face it, caffeine doesn’t always come cheap. Before you start filtering out and deciding which one to buy. Consider the cost for one last time, it may influence you. 

Cost Comparison Coffee Brewers vs Espresso Machines

Initial investment Smackdown:

  • Coffee brewers: coffee makers start around $25, with fancy models topping out at $350. French presses and pour-overs are even cheaper, often under $20. Think of quick wins for your wallet.
  • Espresso Machines: These are quite expensive to say. Automatic machines start around $200 and can soar to $1,500. Manual models? Even steeper, ranging from $500 to $5,000 for the barista-level beasts. Consider them coffee couture.

The Running Cost:

  • Coffee Brewers: They fall on your budget. A bag of good beans lasts about two weeks, costing around $10-$15. Filters are cheap, and cleaning is minimal. Think sustainable sips that won’t break the bank.
  • Espresso Machines: These beans go quicker, and you’ll need specialized espresso blends, usually $15-$20 per bag. Cleaning and maintaining will take some time, which will add to the cost. These come with a premium price tag. 

Judgment: Decision Time

Choosing a champion between these two depends on your coffee cravings and your wallet.

  • Budget: drip machines, french press, and pour-over machines fall into the coffee maker category. You will get delicious coffee from them without a financial breakdown.
  • Caffeine love: espresso machines offer barista-level brews but at a cost. Prepare for a significant upfront investment if you are considering buying espresso machines.

Remember the perfect cup isn’t always the expensive one. What the expensive one will do is save your time and energy. However, if you are rich enough to spend this amount of money on an espresso machine, then you should go for an espresso machine. Otherwise, like me, go for the coffee brewer, once mastered, you can make your perfect cup easily. 

Bonus Considerations

Picking between a coffee maker and an espresso machine can be trickier than thought. Let’s have a look

Taste Showdown:

  • Coffee Makers: Let the natural flavours of your beans shine! Expect smooth sweetness, a bit of tang, and delicate aromas.
  • Espresso Machines: These guys crank up the power. Think bold, dark roast flavor, a thicker feel, and a serious caffeine kick. (Think caffeine per cup: drip coffee like a soda, espresso, a shot of energy)

Time Crunch Challenge:

  • Coffee Makers: Champions of convenience, most brew a pot in a few minutes. Cleaning? Easy peasy, a quick rinse and you’re good to go.
  • Espresso Machines: These take a bit more effort. Automatic ones whip up shots in seconds, but manual ones need practice. Cleaning can be more involved, so be prepared for scrubbing and special gadgets.


Now you know everything about the differences between espresso machines and coffee Brewer. I assume you have reached this far because of an unbeatable thirst for knowledge and love for coffee. So, what should you do now? You should decide your choice, and go get a brewer to brew your coffee. My last recommendation would be to buy a coffee Brewer if you are a beginner. However, a barista wouldn’t need the recommendation of another barista. So, all the best for your thirst for coffee.

If you want to know more about coffee and brewing coffee we have plenty of articles just for you. We have specially designed our articles for beginners and people in their mid journey. We’ll help the beginners to achieve love for coffee and equip the people in their mid journey with tools they can complete their journey. Follow us on “coffee blog mart”.

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