Introduction Lattes are one of the most common & beloved beverages around the world. They are renowned for their smooth and balanced flavour. Later that day I wanted to make a latte at my home, just a regular latte. Suddenly I was confused about how many shots of espresso should be in my latte. So, […]

Blonde roast coffee beans are the lightest roast coffee beans. These beans go through a process designed to preserve the bean’s original flavour. In this process, beans preserve their light golden appearance which makes them more appealing. Colombian Supremo is one of the best blonde roast coffee beans available in the world. However, there are […]

Are you a perfectionist? If you have the tendency to do everything perfectly and are currently dealing with coffee making, you must be concerned about making it perfect. You can gain perfection by measuring and weighing your components precisely. So, how can you ensure the precise measurements? Well, you can use a tool called the […]