White coffee is what many people call “half-roasted” coffee. It is a unique coffee variant identified by its light roast, lighter than blonde roast. The roasting process is quite crucial resulting in an off-white color. Unlike regular coffee beans white coffee beans are less porous and extremely dense. They require special equipment for brewing. Don’t get afraid, we have the answer to the question of how to brew white coffee.

You can brew white coffee both with a machine and without a machine. The methods that don’t require a machine are the pour-over method, the French press method, and the cold brew method. Among these, I would first suggest going with the cold brew method and then experimenting with other methods. And if you wish to use a machine then go for the espresso machine and make your white coffee.

Importance of proper brewing of white coffee

An exceptional cup of white coffee depends on the brewing process. The significance of brewing cannot be underestimated as it determines the extraction of the dormant flavor in the beans. As white coffee beans are lighter & denser than other regular beans they require more attention when brewing. Each brewing technique contributes to the final taste, so do not miss out on the details of the brewing method.

Brewing Methods for White Coffee

White Coffee

Espresso Machine

Understanding the unique characteristics: White coffee beans are so light that they outshine even the blonde roast.

1. Steps to brew with an espresso machine

  • Load your portafilter with precision. Keep in mind  7 grams of white coffee for a single shot, and 15 grams for a double shot.
  • Press down firmly on those tough, water-resistant grounds with confidence.
  • Start the shot. Let me give you a secret system: soak first, take a pause, then re-run for an explosion of flavor.

2. Special tips for the best result

  • Welcome the tamp; it helps bring out the hidden flavors from these strong beans, making them taste even better.
  • If you want a nutty flavor, do not hesitate to go for a second shot.

3. Rating – Affordability, Ease, Quality, Consistency

  • Innovation: 4.2
  • User-Friendliness: 3.8
  • Flavor Profile: 4.9
  • Reliability:4.5

Moka Pot

The charm of the Moka pot lies in its simplicity in producing a rich, concentrated cup similar to double-shot espresso. 

Steps to Brew White Coffee with a Moka Pot:

Moka Pot

  1. Beijing by oiling 4 ounces of water at least on the stovetop. You might want to filter the water before boiling.
  2. Once the water starts to boil, pour around ¼ of the Moka pot with boiling water.
  3. .Load the filter basket with 15 grams of white coffee, leveling it out. Two tablespoons will also do the work of 15 grams of white coffee.
  4. Attach the top chamber, and ensure that the bottom is hot. Now, place it directly on the stove burner, and adjust the heat to medium.
  5. Allow the water in the bottom chamber to softly boil for a few minutes. The Moka pot will make a sound when it’s done.
  6. Add your shots of white coffee to milk or water. There you are, your Moka Pot white coffee is ready

Secret Tips for Better Taste

  • Use filtered water for the best white coffee
  • Adjust the stove heat to maintain a steady stream
  • Practice creating a balance in the heat, this is the most important part of Moka Pot coffee


  • Innovation: 3.5
  • User-Friendliness: 3.9
  • Flavor Profile: 4.0
  • Reliability: 3.2

Brewing Method Without the Machine

The pour-over method is especially known to maximize flavor extraction.

Steps to Brew Coffee:

  • Use a medium coarse grind(0.8 oz) and a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio
  • Pour water in a spiral fashion, trying to maintain the temperature at 96°C (205°F)
  • Continue to pour water and keep checking the temperature until you reach the desired amount
  • Experiment with fresh coffee beans or reuse old beans for a second-time brew. It doesn’t matter, it will enhance the flavor.


  • Innovation: 4/5
  • User-Friendliness: 3/5
  • Flavor Profile: 4.5/5
  • Reliability: 4/5

Cold Brew

The cold brew method is probably the most suited brewing method for the unique qualities of white coffee beans.

Cold Brew

Steps of the Cold Brew Method:

  • Use coarsely ground coffee ( coffee-to-water ratio 1:8)
  • Brew in the fridge for  12 to 24 hours, until the desired flavour is achieved
  • Use a fine strainer or a metal coffee filter to separate the coffee grounds from the cold brew. This helps prevent the coffee from becoming too strong.


  • Innovation: 4
  • User-Friendliness: 4
  • Flavor Profile: 4
  • Reliability: 3.5

AeroPress: Precision in Every Plunge

Steps to Brew with an AeroPress:

  • Preheat the AeroPress and place the filter.
  • Add 17 grams of white coffee and pour hot water up to the top of the circle.
  • Stir for 15-20 seconds and press slowly.
  • Add the shots to your preferred mix.
  • Tips for a Personal Best: Experiment and find your best cup with this easy-to-use method.


  • Innovation: 4.2
  • User-Friendliness: 4.8
  • Flavor Profile: 4.5
  • Reliability: 4.3

French Press

The French Press provides a robust method for brewing white coffee. This immersive technique requires a slight adaptation for the unique characteristics of white coffee beans. Adaptations for White Coffee: Start with pre-ground white coffee beans, ensuring a coarse, even grind size. Given the dense nature of white coffee, the French Press method is for optimal extraction.

French Press

Steps to Brew White Coffee with a French Press:

  • Step 1: Add Your Coffee Grounds Incorporate 30 grams (1 ounce) of coarsely ground white coffee into the French Press.
  • Step 2: Add Water and Bloom: Heat water to 96°C (205°F) and slowly pour, allowing the grounds to bloom for 30-40 seconds.
  • Step 3: Pour the Rest of Your Water: Add the remaining water evenly, stirring gently for a minute.
  • Step 4: Let It Brew: Cover and insulate the French Press, allowing the immersion to brew for 7-10 minutes.
  • Step 5: Press Down On Your Plunger: Apply steady pressure on the plunger, ensuring an even extraction.
  • Step 6: Decant Your Coffee: Avoid over-extraction by transferring the brewed coffee into a container.


  • Innovation: 3.5
  • User-Friendliness: 3.5
  • Flavor Profile: 4
  • Reliability: 3.5

Additional Considerations

  • White coffee is unique, its lightness and nutty flavor sets it apart from traditional coffee varieties.
  • The importance of the brewing time especially in French press or pour-over, is to extract the flavour of white coffee
  • Encourage them to experiment with different brewing methods and different adding


White coffee is lighter than most other coffee found in this world. There are different brewing methods for white coffee. You can try any method to start your journey with white coffee. You can experiment with different methods to find one suitable cup for you. We hope you enjoy your journey of coffee. Stay with us, as we will provide many more recipes and tips for you.

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