We look for easy and simple solutions to everything. Coffee lovers are no different to this. They also find easy solutions to their everyday coffee habit. Brewing coffee every day can be time-consuming to you. So, if you choose ready-to-drink, already-brewed coffee like SToK cold brew, it’ll be easier and time-saving. But how to drink SToK cold brew coffee?  Well, SToK cold brew coffee is actually already brewed cold coffee. There are no special etiquette or ways to drink this coffee. You just buy it from the store and pour it into your favorite glass and drink. You can mix it with some ice or milk and sweeteners to make it as your preference. It can make your coffee routine quite easy and convenient. 

Details About SToK Cold Brew Coffee 

SToK Cold Brew is a brand that offers different types of cold brew coffee in bottles. This is a ready-to-drink cold coffee option for you. You can choose how to drink SToK cold brew coffee; whether with ice only or with additives. Let’s have a look at the key points about SToK Cold Brew. 

SToK Cold Brew Coffee

Brewing Process

The SToK cold brew brand usually brews its coffee by soaking it in cold or room-temperature water for about 12 to 24 hours. This is a quite slow and soothing process. That’s why you can have a strong and flavorful cold brew. 

Flavor Varieties

This brand offers many varieties of cold brew. You can choose any of them, for example, classic options, flavored options (vanilla, chocolate, etc), unsweetened or sweetened options, also some seasonal varieties.


SToK cold brew is a ready-to-drink coffee as it is already brewed. If you love strong coffee, there is no need to add anything with SToK cold brew. But if you want, you can use ice or milk to it for a milder taste.

Packaging and Sizes

The packaging of SToK cold brew is very nice and neat in bottles. You can easily drink from the bottle or easily pour into your glass. They offer different sizes of bottles like:

Size of Bottles  Volume 
Small 12 ounces or 0.355 liters
Medium 32 ounces or 0.946 liters
Large 48 ounces or 1.419 liters

Availability and Popularity 

You can find the SToK cold brew in any grocery store or nearby shops. They also provide online retail services for their customers. It has gained popularity among cold coffee lovers for their convenience and availability. 

Simple and Easy Way of Drinking SToK Cold Brew 

You might have understood how to drink SToK cold brew coffee. Let’s check out the proper steps for drinking your cold brew easily. 

Chilling: After buying SToK cold brew, store it in the refrigerator. You can chill it before drinking too. It will ensure you have a cold and refreshing taste.

Pouring: Pour your cold brew into a glass and add some ice cubes to it. You can drink it as it is; for a strong flavor. 

Customizing (Optional): You can add milk, cream, or sweeteners to match your taste. Any toppings you like can make it more fancy. This is an optional step. This is how you can drink your SToK cold brew coffee easily.

Variety of Stock Cold Brew Coffee 

You can find different varieties of SToK cold brew and choose whichever you like. Let’s find out the available types of SToK cold brew in the following table.

Types of SToK Cold Brew  Brief Descriptions
Unsweetened Black Cold Brew A classic black cold brew,

Without added sugar

Unsweetened Chocolate Cold Brew Cold brew without added sugar,

With chocolate flavor

Cold Brew Concentrates Concentrated version of cold brew,

You can add water or milk according to your taste(for stronger or milder coffee).

Flavored Cold Brews Cold Brew with different flavors

Includes Vanilla, Chocolate etc.

Not Too Sweet Black Cold Brew A slightly sweetened version of Unsweetened Black Cold Brew. 
Not Too Sweet Vanilla Cold Brew A slightly sweetened version of Unsweetened Black Cold Brew,

With a hint of vanilla flavor. 

Not Too Sweet Mocha Cold Brew Cold brew with rich flavors of chocolate, milk and coffee, 

Slightly sweetened version.

Cold Brew with Almond Milk A dairy-free option,

Cold brew with almond milk (Creamy texture)

Cold Brew with Oat Milk A plant-based option,

Cold brew with oat milk.

Extra Caffeine Varieties Cold brew variations with extra caffeine content.
Seasonal Flavors Depends on different seasons ( for a limited time),

For example, Pumpkin spice flavored cold brew.

Why Should You Choose SToK Cold Brew Coffee? (5 Advantages)

SToK Cold Brew Coffee

You will find many other brands of cold brew coffee. Then why will you choose SToK cold brew? Along with learning how to drink SToK cold brew coffee, you should know the benefits or advantages of it.


This cold brew is an amazing convenient option for cold coffee. It will save you time as it is ready to drink. You don’t need any extra effort to make or drink it.

Variety of Flavors

We have already mentioned different varieties of SToK cold brew coffee. You can choose any of them according to your taste and mood. They have options for people with any taste buds like slightly sweetened, unsweetened, flavored versions, etc.

Consistent Quality

This brand has gained popularity for its consistent quality. SToK cold brew always ensures the same quality, flavor, taste, and even quantity.

On-the-Go Enjoyment

As SToK cold brew’s packaging comes within bottles, you can take it anywhere and enjoy your drink wherever you want. It provides refreshments to your busy schedule. 

No Brewing or Dilution Required

This drink is ready to use without any added complications. You need not brew or dilute; just buy your favorite flavor of STok cold brew and enjoy. As you know how to drink SToK cold brew coffee, enjoy every sip.

Comparison of Regular Cold Brew and SToK Cold Brew Coffee

Regular Cold Brew and SToK Cold Brew Coffee 

Let’s compare the SToK cold brew with any regular kind of cold brew coffee from different aspects. 

Aspects  Regular Cold Brew Coffee  Stok Cold Brew Coffee 
Brewing Process Regular cold brew coffee is brewed by soaking coarsely (like breadcrumbs) ground coffee for about 12 to 24 hours in cold water. SToK cold brew coffee is already brewed and bottled. No extra brewing process is needed for this drink.
Flavor Options You can customize as you want, so there are many options for flavors.  SToK cold brew coffee offers different types and flavors of cold brew which we have mentioned earlier.
Convenience Not so convenient as the preparation process and brewing technique require time.  SToK Cold Brew Coffee is the most convenient option.
Consistency If you make the cold brew at home or drink from a restaurant, it can not assure you consistent quality every time. This brand ensures consistency in all their cold brews.
Packaging Regular homemade cold brew doesn’t need packaging,

Restaurants or coffee shops sell it in bottles or cups.

SToK cold brew comes with bottled packaging.
On-the-Go In most cases, you can not drink it on the go.  This brand is suitable for on-the-go, anywhere you want you can drink it.
Caffeine Content Caffeine content varies in different types of coffee, based on the brewing process and coffee beans. SToK offers one specific type as an Extra Caffeine Variety.
Availability Widely available. It is also widely available in any nearby shops or grocery stores.
Cost Costs can vary from low to mid-range. Usually a bit high price.
Shelf Life Shelf life is short. Typically it has a longer shelf life.

Competitors of SToK Cold Brew and Their Ranking 

You know how to drink SToK cold brew coffee, but do you know who are the potential competitors of this brand? Here we are providing information about potential competitors of SToK cold brew coffee with their ranking (from highest to lowest).

Competitor Brands of Coffee Brief Descriptions 
01 Starbucks Cold Brew Widely available,

Offers a variety of flavors.

02 SToK Cold Brew  Famous for bold flavors and convenience. 
03 Chameleon Cold-Brew Known for organic cold brew options, 

Offers various flavors.

04 Blue Bottle (New Orleans-Style Cold Brew) Known for its quality coffee

Popular for New Orleans-style cold brew. 

05 Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee Offers dairy-free options for coffee.
06 La Colombe Draft Latte and Pure Black Cold Brew Famous for Draft Latte and Pure Black Cold Brew.
07 High Brew Coffee Offers convenient canned options.
08 Rise Brewing Coffee Popular for nitro-infused cold brew in cans.

Popularity of SToK Cold Brew Coffee 

As you know there are many varieties of SToK cold brew coffee, are all of them popular? Well, all the varieties are not equally popular. People tend to buy the popular choices more often. Let’s check out the following chart which shows the percentages of popularity. 

Popularity of SToK Cold Brew Coffee Chart

Summary of this chart:

SToK Cold Brew Coffee  Popularity Percentages
Classic Black Cold Brew 30%
Vanilla Flavored Cold Brew 20%
Chocolate Flavored Cold Brew 15%
Mocha Flavored Cold Brew 10%
Unsweetened Black Cold Brew 8%
Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal) 7%
Extra Caffeine Varieties 5%
Almond Milk Cold Brew 3%
Oat Milk Cold Brew 2%

This chart shows that the Classic black cold brew, vanilla-flavored cold brew, and chocolate-flavored cold brew are the most popular options. Moreover, the Mocha flavored cold brew and Unsweetened black cold brew are also loved by many coffee lovers.


To sum up, we can say that SToK is one of the most famous brands for cold brew coffee. We have learned about all the popular versions of cold brew that SToK offers. “How to drink SToK cold brew coffee?” is mostly the same for all the varieties. So, you can choose any SToK cold brew coffee and easily drink it whenever and wherever you want. This makes your coffee-drinking habit easy and time-saving.

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