You might know about Bodum as it is a well-known brand. Among all its products, Bodum Cold Brew has gained popularity. You can understand by its name that Bodum cold brew is designed for cold brewing. But the question is; can you use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee? Now this deserves a discussion.

You can use Bodum cold brew for both cold and hot brewing. For a hot cup of coffee, you have to use hot water instead of cold water. But you might feel a difference in taste from regular hot coffee. Let’s check out how you can use your Bodum cold brew for a cozy hot cup of coffee.

Introducing Bodum Cold Brew

Bodum Brand

Bodum is one of the renowned brands which offers kitchen and coffee-related products. You can find many products that are popular from this brand.

Popular Bodum Products 
01 French Press Coffee Makers
02 Double-Walled Glasses
03 Teapots and Tea Accessories
04 Cold Brew Coffee Makers
05 Kitchen Appliances
06 Storage Containers
07 Dinnerware and Tableware
08 Kitchen Gadgets
09 Travel Mugs and Tumblers
10 Barbecue and Outdoor Products

Bodum Cold Brew 

Bodum Cold Brew

Bodum company offers a coffee maker for cold brewing which is called Bodum cold brew. It has a glass or plastic container for your coffee grounds and water. You will find a removable filter in it. Of course, it has a lid and some of the Bodum models have a plunger, a pushing-down instrument. 

How Does the Bodum Cold Brew Work? (Actual Process)

Before knowing “Can you use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee or not? “, let’s find out the actual function of Bodum cold brew. Here we are describing a simple working process of Bodum cold brew.

1. Placement of Coffee Grounds

The Bodum coffee maker has a removable filter in which you have to put your coffee grounds. Adjust the amount of coffee grounds according to how much you need.

2. Water Addition

Use cold water or room-temperature water for your coffee. Pour the water over coffee grounds and the mixing will happen inside the filter.

3. Steeping or Soaking Process

After coffee grounds and water addition, you have to let it soak. So, close the lip of the Bodum cold brew and put it in the refrigerator for about 12 to 24 hours.

4. Filtration

Take the Bodum cold brew out of the refrigerator and separate the filter. Thus you will get concentrated cold brew in the container.

5. Serving

Pour the concentrated brew into a glass or cup. Then add water a bit if you don’t want your coffee too strong. You can add milk, sweetener and ice if you want. Serve your cold coffee and enjoy the flavor. 

6. Process of Making Hot Coffee With Bodum Cold Brew 

Many of us are confused about, “Can you use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee?“. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can use your Bodum cold brew for making hot coffee. Now the question is, How?

Let’s go through some simple steps on how you can use your Bodum cold coffee maker for making warm, cozy and hot cups of coffee.

7. Preparation 

For hot coffee, coarsely (like breadcrumbs) ground coffee will be better. So take coarsely ground coffee as much as you prefer. Then take your Bodum cold brew coffee maker and open it.

8. Add Coffee and Water

Put your coffee grounds in the filter of your Bodum cold brew. Boil fresh water and pour it over the grounds in a circular motion. We recommend the water temperature to be around 93° Celsius or 200° Fahrenheit. 

9. Steeping or Soaking Phase 

Close the lid of your Bodum coffee maker and wait for about 4 minutes. You can increase or decrease the time as your preference. 

10. Serving

After steeping, separate the filter and get the coffee into a cup. If your Bodum cold brew has a plunger or pressing mechanism in it; in that case, after steeping press the plunger down and pour the coffee. Add milk, sweetener or toppings as you want and serve your hot coffee.

5 Benefits of Using Bodum Cold Brew For Hot Coffee 

5 Benefits of Using Bodum Cold Brew For Hot Coffee 

You can use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee, but what is the benefit of it? We tend to look for benefits before using anything. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the following benefits. 

1.Smooth Flavor Profile

Bodum cold brew coffee maker can make your hot coffee smooth and less acidic. If you love mild coffee, this will make your experience better. 


With Bodum cold brew, you can make both hot and cold coffee. So, with one coffee maker, you will experience both types of coffee. It allows you to make coffee according to the weather and mood.

3.Unique Extraction

This brewing method is not like regular hot coffee. So, you can experience unique extraction methods with different flavors. 

4. Convenient Design

Bodum cold brew offers the most convenient design.  It is user-friendly and you can easily assemble it. It can make your coffee-making process easy and simple.

5. Experimentation

For your hot coffee, using a Bodum cold brew will introduce you to a new experience.  You can experiment with your coffee-making process by customizing the steps. 

Difference Between Regular Hot Coffee and Hot Coffee Brewed in Bodum Cold Brew 

Hot Coffee Brewed in Bodum Cold Brew 

Now you know that you can use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee. But the question is; is it the same as any other regular coffee? Let’s find out the differences between regular hot coffee and Bodum brewed hot coffee. 

Regular Hot Coffee vs. Bodum Hot Coffee: What’s the Difference?

So, you can use your Bodum for hot coffee too! But how does it compare to a regular cup of hot joe? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Brewing Method: Regular hot coffee can be made with various methods like drip machines, pour-over, or even fancy espresso machines. Bodum hot coffee uses a similar idea to cold brew, but with hot water instead.
  • Flavor Profile: Regular hot coffee often has a wider range of flavors, but can also be more acidic. Bodum hot coffee tends to be smoother and less acidic, making it easier on your stomach.
  • Brew Time: This is a big difference! Regular hot coffee is brewed in minutes, while Bodum hot coffee takes a bit longer. There’s a 4-minute steeping time after the hot water is added, but remember, the cold brew part takes 12-24 hours.
  • Temperature: Regular hot coffee uses boiling water (around 200°F). Bodum hot coffee uses hot water, but not quite boiling, resulting in a slightly cooler overall temperature.
  • Equipment: You can use a variety of machines for regular hot coffee. Bodum hot coffee requires the Bodum cold brew maker itself.
  • Acidity: Regular hot coffee usually has a higher acidity level. Bodum hot coffee is generally less acidic, offering a smoother taste.


To sum up we can say that now you know the answer to “Can you use Bodum cold brew for hot coffee?“. Well, you can use the Bodum cold brew coffee maker in the previously mentioned way to make hot coffee. You might feel a difference in taste or flavor. But this will allow you to experience the versatility of the coffee maker.

So, make coffee whether it’s hot or cold with a Bodum cold brew coffee maker. If you want to go for any coffee maker which is specially made for hot coffee, try any of the coffee makers we have recommended. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with Bodum cold brew’s simple and easy preparation.

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