In the world of coffee, there are two main choices: instant and brewed.

Instant coffee is a super quick and easy option. Just add hot water, stir it up, and you’re ready to go! Brewed coffee takes a little more effort, like using a drip coffee maker or a French press.

We will help you decide which coffee is your perfect cup by exploring the differences between instant and brewed. We’ll talk about taste, and how fast they can be made. I also have a simple recipe for instant coffee to get you started.

By the end, you’ll be a coffee expert.

Quick Recipe For Instant Coffee 

Making Instant coffee is hassle-free and quick. You can prepare it anywhere. This is the most convenient option for coffee. Especially when you are in a hurry or travelling, Instant coffee can be a very good option.

Before describing the recipe, check out the popular Instant Coffee Brands. You can take any of the Instant Coffee that we are suggesting below.

Quick Recipe For Instant Coffee 


  • Instant coffee of any brand you prefer 
  • Hot water
  • Additives (Optional)

Steps To Follow 

  1. Take 8 ounces of water for every cup of coffee and any instant coffee you like.
  1. Boil the water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of instant coffee powder. Otherwise, follow the instructions written on your instant coffee packet.
  1. Stir well then add sweeteners or additives you prefer. Some Instant coffee comes with 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 packs. It means they already contain dairy or non-dairy milk (for 2-in-1) and sugar or sweeteners (for 3-in-1).
  1. Give everything a good stir and this is how your instant coffee is ready to drink.
Our Special Secret Recipe:

Specialities of instant coffee:

  • It’s super fast! You can make an 8-ounce cup in about 30 seconds (not counting boiling the water). Just add about ½ teaspoon of instant coffee to hot water and stir.
  • It’s affordable and always makes coffee the same way, which is handy.

Fun flavor trick:

Want your instant coffee to taste fancy? Add a tiny pinch of salt before stirring it with hot water. It can change the flavor in a cool way!

Ingredients for this trick:

  • 2.5 grams instant coffee (about ½ teaspoon)
  • 250 ml hot water (about 8 ounces)
  • A tiny pinch of salt

Which One Is Better: Instant Coffee vs. Brewed Coffee? 

To find out the best coffee option, let’s check out the differences between Instant coffee vs brewed coffee. As you know, brewed coffee can be of many types. For example:

  • Espresso 
  • Pour-over coffee 
  • French press coffee 
  • Drip coffee 
  • Cold brew coffee etc.

All of these are popular brewed coffee options. These are different from Instant coffee. Here we are comparing Instant coffee with brewed coffee. 

Type of Coffee 

Instant coffee is an already brewed and dried option for coffee. It is one type of ready-to-use coffee. You can call it “Soluble coffee” which means it dissolves in water and makes coffee. It goes through roasting, grinding, brewing, drying, adding other components and packaging process. 

On the other hand, any brewed coffee is made from coffee beans. It goes through roasting, grinding and brewing (in different methods). It is not a ready-to-use type of coffee. 


The preparation process of Instant coffee vs brewed coffee is quite different. Brewed coffee does not require the whole production process. You just need to take fresh coffee beans or coffee grounds. Then follow any brewing method you like to make brewed coffee. Check our website “Coffee Mart Blog” for any brewing recipe.

However, the preparation of Instant coffee involves many critical stages. First, the fresh coffee beans are collected, roasted, ground and brewed like normal brewed coffee. Then the water or liquid of the coffee is turned into dried powder in 2 ways.

  • Freeze-drying 

In this method, brewed coffee is frozen at first, then the ice is removed. This process makes the brewed coffee dry but keeps all the nutrients in it.

  • Spray-drying 

In this method, brewed coffee is sprayed into hot air to make it dry. It is a quick method of making powdered coffee.

In this way, brewed coffee turns into Instant coffee and different brands pack it and sell it to you.

Time for Brewing 

As you know, Instant coffee is already brewed, it does not require any time for brewing. Just put it in hot water, mix and drink. Using Instant coffee is that much easier and more convenient. 

Different brewed coffee requires different brewing times. Here, we are mentioning the approximate brewing time for different popular brewing methods.

  • Espresso: 25 to 30 seconds
  • Pour-Over Coffee: 3 to 4 minutes
  • French Press Coffee: Around 4 minutes
  • Drip Coffee: 5 to 7 minutes
  • Cold Brew Coffee: 12 to 24 hours.
Flavor Profile and Texture 

In terms of flavor and aroma, freshly brewed coffee wins the battle. It can give you a bold and fresh flavor. Moreover, brewed coffee has a rich and smooth texture. 

On the other hand, Instant coffee falls a bit less. As it is brewed and dried, it gives a mild flavor. Sometimes, the texture of Instant coffee lacks richness. 

Shelf Life 

Instant coffee is brewed and dried by different processes. So, the shelf life is longer than any brewed coffee. You can use it for a long time. After opening the packet of instant coffee, you can store it in an airtight container. 

Brewed coffee is normally brewed instantly from coffee grounds. But these grounds easily get rotten. So, the shelf life is shorter than Instant coffee. 

Portability and Convenience 

Instant coffee is designed for easy use and convenience. As it is ready-to-use coffee, you can make it anywhere. Moreover, Instant coffee comes in small packaging. So, you can carry it anywhere and make coffee anytime. All you need is hot water for this.

But brewed coffee is not always a convenient option. You can not carry all the equipment or coffee maker while travelling. Also, brewed coffee requires time to brew. So, it is not as convenient as Instant coffee. 

Caffeine Content 

Normally Instant coffee has less caffeine compared to brewed coffee. As it is already brewed and dried, this whole preparation process results in the loss of some caffeine.

Brewed coffee has higher caffeine content compared to Instant coffee. Though different brewing styles can change the caffeine level more or less, it is still higher than Instant coffee. 

Now, you might be able to decide which coffee is better for you. It is not possible to pick any one from Instant coffee vs brewed coffee. But you should choose Instant coffee if you want a quick and portable solution for your coffee. If you are looking for something rich and aromatic, go for brewed coffee options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the main difference between Instant coffee vs brewed coffee? 

The main difference between Instant coffee and brewed coffee is that instant coffee is already brewed. So, it saves time and can be made anywhere. On the other hand, any type of brewed coffee takes time to brew and requires relevant equipment. 

Which one is healthier: Instant coffee or brewed coffee? 

Both Instant coffee and brewed coffee have similar health benefits. Which one would be healthier for you depends on how you brew the coffee and how much you consume. But Instant coffee can be good for caffeine-sensitive people. 

Can you put instant coffee in a coffee maker?

Putting Instant coffee in a coffee maker is not suggested. The reason is it leads to waste of products, bad taste and redundancy. Instant coffee is prepared in a way you can use it instantly. So, further use of a coffee maker is unnecessary. 

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